UQ organisational units can request brand assets and templates to apply to custom websites and applications.

The assets provided will include:

  • the latest copy of the 'UQ Standard' theme
  • HTML template file containing:
    • header and footer
    • links to version-controlled UQ logo and Roboto fonts
  • CSS and JS files.

If you need an alternative option or are styling a third-party application, we can provide customised assets and solutions.

Requesting brand assets

Make sure you engage with us early in your process. We recommend you request brand assets at least 6 weeks before your planned launch date.

Step 1: Submit a request

Submit an IT request to request brand assets and templates. Include the following information:

  • name of the website or application
  • URL
  • whether it's new or existing
  • key contact person for liaison
  • expected timeline for launching the site or application.

Step 2: Apply the assets to a development site

Create a development version of your website or application, and apply the brand assets.

Step 3: Provide the development site for review

At least 2 weeks before you want to make the site live, provide the ITS Application Development and Support team with access to the development site.

Application Development and Support, and the Office of Marketing and Communications will review the site and provide feedback on your application of brand assets.

The review process is important to maintain brand integrity and ensure the best possible outcome. We aim to review material quickly, but reviews may take longer during periods of high demand.