5. Partners

Our Partners audience is made up by the industry leaders and big thinkers we’d like to work with – and who are either interested in working with us, or don’t yet know how much of our research, teaching and engagement activities would mutually benefit them.

With Partners, we aim to be professional and approachable, showing we are interested in their needs and collaborating to ensure they are also interested in ours.

It’s also a key opportunity to highlight our expertise and passion for change. By communicating this message clearly, we attract the likeminded individuals who are eager to break convention and shape tomorrow.

Quick tips

  • Ask questions. Show we’ll take the time to genuinely listen, no matter how big or small the organisation.
  • Be bold. Let’s show we’re as fearless as we say we are.

Tone of voice example: partners

This copy is taken from the ‘Partner with us’ section of the UQ Research website, so has a strong research collaboration focus.

Please note that this example is not indicative of all UQ partnership activities; just one example of how to rework existing messaging in the new tone of voice.


Existing wording

World-class facilities and expertise

The University of Queensland is actively looking for organisations to collaborate with our researchers to find solutions to today's technical, social, economic and environmental challenges.

UQ has a long history of successful research partnerships with local businesses, multinational corporations, governments, NGOs, non-profits, and other research institutions.

Contact the Office of Research Partnerships or Research Partnerships Managers who can assist with facilitating interactions between UQ researchers and external partners, ranging from industry to government departments.

After tone of voice editing

A problem shared is a problem halved

At UQ, we are always eager to find out how things work – and how to make them work better.

Whether it’s a technical, social, cultural, political, economic or environmental challenge, our researchers work closely with partners around the world to understand problems and discover new ways to solve them.

UQ researchers and their networks help solve major global challenges, helping communities lead healthy lives, building better bioeconomies, achieving resilient environments and livelihoods, designing technology for tomorrow, and transforming societies.

For any questions or comments, please contact the Publications team.

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