UQeMarket is an electronic marketplace that holds digital copies of suppliers’ catalogues, including:

  • product descriptions
  • user manuals
  • prices.

There are products from a variety of categories, including:

  • laboratory supplies
  • stationery and office supplies
  • IT and audiovisual
  • health and safety
  • furniture
  • electronics
  • building and hardware supplies
  • software
  • mobile phones.

How to access

The UQeMarket user guide (PDF, 3.7MB) (staff login required) details the processes and steps involved in using UQeMarket.

UQeMarket is accessed through UQ’s financial system, UniFi.

UQeMarket will time-out after 30 minutes of inactivity. If this happens, you will need to restart your requisition in UniFi. Any items that were in your shopping basket will still be there.

First-time users

If you have not previously used UQeMarket you should read the UQeMarket user guide (PDF, 3.7MB) (staff login required) and complete the:

User responsibilities

As a UQeMarket user it is expected that you are aware of the:

There are certain responsibilities that accompany the use of the UQeMarket platform. You must not:

  • use UQeMarket pricing to seek a better price elsewhere, as this contravenes the Queensland Procurement Policy and could be considered for illegal price fixing or collusion
  • share price, branding or product specifications with people outside of UQ, as this information is commercial-in-confidence
  • allow unauthorised users to access the system; this includes interns, visitors and suppliers, family and friends
  • purchase goods for personal use
  • share your UQ username and password with anyone.