All existing Purchasing Policies and Procedures [9.40.01] apply to purchases on UQeMarket, including purchasing thresholds and necessary documentation.

Methods of ordering

You can order through:

  • suppliers' catalogues, selecting from listed products
  • free format orders, which allow you to manually input information.

You can also customise and order oligonucleotides through the eOligos module.

For instructions on how to order, see:

Free format orders

Free format orders allow you to manually input order information for:

  • products that are not listed on the supplier's catalogue
  • special pricing for bulk orders
  • standing orders, for a set number of products to be delivered at regular intervals throughout the year
  • sample products, where the supplier requires an official order.

Standing orders

A standing order gives you access to better pricing by consolidating the cost for the whole year into 1 bulk price. The supplier delivers products at regular intervals through the year from that 1 order. The free format order function allows you to input the required details for this type of order.

Sample products

In some circumstances, suppliers will offer free sample products but require an official order. You can use the free format order function to manually input an order with a price of $0.


You can customise and order standard and complex oligonucleotides (oligos) using the eOligos module in UQeMarket.

The eOligos module allows you to:

  • input oligo sequences, purifications, and 5' and 3' modifications
  • compare pricing and availability between available oligo suppliers
  • bulk upload oligo sequences for ordering
  • connect directly to suppliers' websites to order complex oligos.

For instructions, see Create an eOligo requisition in the UQeMarket online training modules and the UQeMarket user guide (staff login required) (PDF, 2.9 MB).

Urgent orders

If you need your order processed quickly:

  1. Mark your requisition priority as ‘High’ in UniFi.
  2. Contact your Finance Professional Services team.

Storing an order without submitting it

You can:

  • leave your shopping basket on UQeMarket without checking out, and exit UniFi. When you return to UQeMarket, your basket will still have the products you’d previously added
  • save your basket under a name of your choice, which lets you adjust and use it in the future. You can then also clear your current basket to do other shopping
  • check out your basket and create a requisition, but choose ‘Save for later’ rather than submitting the requisition. You can come back and submit it later.

If your session times out before you check out your basket, it will be available when you next log back in.

Re-ordering past products

You can reorder products from:

  • recent orders: click on the product in a past purchase order
  • saved baskets: click on a saved or shared basket
  • favourite products: click on the particular product.

Any price changes that have occurred since the product was last purchased will be applied when you order again.


Delivery charges are included on product pages and in search results. At checkout, you will be prompted to add the necessary delivery charges to your order.

Changing or adding delivery addresses

All ship-to addresses are listed in UniFi as a ship-to code.

Setting your UniFi preferences will automatically populate your delivery address into the ship-to field.

You can select or change your ship-to address:

  • at the start of raising a requisition
  • after you check out your UQeMarket basket and before you submit your requisition.

For instructions, see Modify shipping address in the Requisitions online training module.

If the address isn’t in UniFi, submit a set-up of new ship-to location request (PDF, 1.2 MB).

Tracking orders

You can check the progress of your order by:

  • contacting the supplier to get an estimate on the delivery date
  • checking UniFi, or asking your Finance Professional Services team.
  • checking your UQeMarket home page for the order ‘Action Log’.

For more information:

Changing or cancelling orders

If you need to change or cancel an order, you should do it as quickly as possible.

  1. Contact your Finance Professional Services team to change or cancel the purchase order in UniFi.
  2. Contact the supplier to let them know of the change to the order.