Microsoft Teams is a chat-based collaboration hub for UQ staff that allows remote or distributed groups to collaborate. Microsoft Teams is part of the Microsoft 365 suite.

Microsoft Teams provides an inclusive and customisable online collaboration platform for your group. It enables group members to co-author documents, have individual or group chats and meetings, and use audio or video communication features.

UQ staff should not use electronic devices to make video or audio recordings of work-related meetings, discussions or other private conversations without approval. For more information, refer to the guidance note (PDF) (staff login required), which supplements UQ's Privacy Management Procedures.

5. Teams adoption and rollout

Organisational leaders, Team Coordinators and Team Owners will all contribute to the success of the rollout of Microsoft Teams within an organisation.  

While the organisational leaders will promote adoption and sponsorship of the usage of Teams as a collaboration tool, Team Coordinators and Team Owners will decide how to address new Teams requirements and promote consistent practices across different Teams under their portfolio. 

Resources for adoption and rollout: 

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