You can use a PIN on any UQ phone to make local, long-distance or mobile calls.

A PIN will let you make all kinds of calls from any UQ phone, regardless of the call restrictions on that phone.

The cost of the call will be invoiced to you, rather than to the person whose phone you used.

Types of PIN

Different telephone PIN levels allow for different kinds of call. There are five types of PIN:

  • Code 1: International (includes international, domestic, mobile and local calls)
  • Code 2: Domestic (includes domestic, mobile and local calls)
  • Code 3: Queensland-wide (includes calls within Queensland, and mobile and local calls)
  • Code 4: Local (includes local calls only)
  • Code 6: Mobile (includes mobile and local calls).

Apply for a PIN

To apply for a telephone PIN:

How to use a PIN

To use a pin:

  1. Lift the handset and press the '0' key. This will connect you to an outside line.
  2. Dial the number you want to call and wait for a pulsing tone.
  3. Enter your PIN.

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