You can hire a portable Polycom unit to allow multiple people to participate in a teleconference in the same room.

A Polycom unit is a speakerphone that provides better sound quality than a normal phone handset. You need to connect it to an active analogue phone line.


  • Full day: $60
  • Half day (morning or afternoon): $30

Requesting a Polycom unit

You should submit a request to hire a Polycom unit at least 10 days in advance. All requests must be approved by an authorised financial delegate.

You'll need to nominate a contact person, who we'll contact to organise pick-up of the unit after the request is approved.

If you are not a financial delegate, call the Voice Operations Telephone Helpline on (07) 3365 1000. An ITS team member will complete the request on your behalf. You'll need to nominate an appropriate financial delegate who will be asked to approve payment for the request.

If you are a financial delegate, you can either:

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