You can update the name, title, gender or contact details you've provided to UQ at any time, and change them multiple times if you need to.

If you are currently studying at UQ, you'll need to update your student details separately.  

Changing your legal or preferred name 

You can request a change to your legal or preferred name through your Workday profile page. In order to update your legal name, you will need to upload supporting documentation such as a Passport, Marriage Certificate or Driver's license.  

For step-by-step, instructions please see the Systems Training Hub guide: 

If you are changing your name, you should also: 

Update your personal Information 

You can request changes or corrections to your gender, date of birth, citizenship status or nationality through your personal information page in your Workday profile. In order to update your date of birth or citizenship status, you will need to upload supporting documentation. 

The options for recording your gender include X (indeterminate, intersex, unspecified), and you can choose gender-neutral or professional titles. 

For more information about changing your name and gender at UQ, see the UQ guide for gender affirmation in the workplace

For step-by-step instructions please see the systems training hub guide: 

Update your address or emergency contact details 

You can update your contact details, address and emergency contacts through your contacts page in Workday.  

Your home contact information is only visible to HR staff as required. Your work contact information will be visible to all UQ staff.  

For step-by-step instructions please see the systems training hub guide: