Module EnhancementsCompleted
  • Updating of public holiday calendars in Workday to 2025 
27 April 2022
Talent Acquisition
  • Automation of To Do Step for managers and induction officers for new hires 
  • New casual appointment process via request framework 
27 April 2022
  • Revised Workflow for Cash Out of Leave to include the absence partner role (HR) in the workflow
31 March 2022
Talent Acquisition
  • Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander Identification questions in candidate application (Workday Release 2022R1)
  • Removal of Employee Step in Return from Secondment Process
31 March 2022
Workday Release

With the 2022R1 release of Workday, there will be a range of mandatory and compliance changes as well as some cosmetic changes.

See the Workday Release 2022R1 tab above for further information.

12 March 2022
Workforce Admin​
  • Return from Secondment Simplification​ – easier and quicker for HR Client Partnering teams to action these changes in Workday  

  • Costing Allocation officer Dashboard Released

11 March 2022

New reports created to support the Finance team:  

  • Current list of Staff on Secondments ​ (and costing/org unit info on their substantive position)  ​ 

  • Status of Recruitment Activities ​– enables finance to identify timing changes to budget​ 

25 February 2022
Workforce Admin​
  • Graduate School Dashboard​ Released

  • Graduate School Custom Role​ Created

  • Decoupling of change of hours, change of location and change of supervisor transactions (Data Change) to not escalate beyond Management Level 3 in line with the Sub-Delegations policy

25 February 2022
Talent Acquisition
  • The volunteer job board has been renamed to UQ Opportunities.
  • Removal of steps during Onboarding for Unpaid new hires (Unpaid Workers and Volunteers).
  • Addition of the notifications for the Recruiter/Primary Recruiter for send back and deny in Job Requisition and Employment Agreement and where the Candidate accepts/declines an offer.
  • Academic Title Holders Application Form has been replaced with Academic Title Holders Application Form Level A-C and Academic Title Holders Application Form D-E.
  • Primary Recruiter has been reinstated and all Recruiters have been assigned relevant jobs in order to maximise use of Recruitment Dashboards.
10 February 2022



With the 2022R1 release of Workday, there will be a range of mandatory and compliance changes as well as some cosmetic changes to the Learning application with a new structure and navigation, as well as the UQ External Careers site.

Release Date: 12 March 2022


Module EnhancementsPreview

Learning is now displayed over three pages:  Learning Home, My Learning and Discover.


Learning Home

The first page is Learning Home. Here you will find sliders and links for:

  • Required for you (if you have required learning)
  • Based on Your Interests
  • Popular in Your Role


My Learning

The second page is My Learning. Here you will find sliders and links for:

  • Continue Learning
  • Learning History (Learning Transcript)
  • Drop Enrolment
  • Required for You (if you have required learning)
  • Recommended for You
  • Manage Learning Preferences



The third page is Discover. Here you will find sliders and links for:

  • Browse learning catalogue
  • Learning Topics
  • Most Popular
  • Popular in Your Role
  • Recommended for You
  • Based on Your Interests
  • Recently Added

Learning Home


My Learning





Issue Update Status
  • Skipping of Payment Elections and Tax File Number for HDR Scholars
  • Review and Updating of Onboarding tasks across all cohorts (Pre-Day 1, Day 1 and Post-Day 1) including automation of To Do Step for Managers and Induction officers. 
In progress
Talent Acquisition
  • Consolidation and removal of unwanted Employee Sub-types
  • Removal of unnecessary approval steps in Unpaid Appointment work-flows
In progress


If a GM has approved a business process as themselves, it workflows to supervisor for approval. Workday has a rule built in so you can't double approve as the delegate. 


Delegation prompt when you take leave is causing confusion. 

This was a business decision- options are currently being explored. 

Temporary Work around: Level 3 approvers will need to be informed so that they can complete the approval. 


Options are currently being explored. Additional information to be added to the systems training hub. 

In progress



IssueResolution Completed
Workforce Admin
  • If an employee updates their qualification in the Employee Profile tab, this now follows an education verification workflow 
  • Removal of Gender Identity within Employee Profile 
  • Review and update of disability declaration options within Employee Profile 
27 April 2022

Job Requisitions (Casual Recruitment)


The process to recruit casual staff has been simplified through the use of a request framework instead of a job requisition. This new change will be effective from 19 April 2022. 

26 April 2022

Non renewals/terminations

When an employee has multiple appointments it is not clear which is primary and secondary


Further information on multiple positions has been added to the Systems Training Hub - Managing your Team - Systems Training Hub. 30 March 2022

Inbox Task


Workday limits the amount of information that is detailed on an inbox task. Please contact AskHR or HR Client Partnering for support. 

30 March 2022

Notifications for certain tasks, some of which are not required, including HDR Scholars. 

Ongoing work is taking place to review what notifications can be turned off/removed. 30 March 2022
Job RequisitionsA new approach is in place to include a link to a booklet when required for senior positions. 30 March 2022 
Workday/ UQ Contacts IntegrationAn employee’s work contact information (phone number and email address) has now been integrated and will update from UQ Contacts to Workday on a daily basis. 28 March 2022
Equity and Diversity Data​Recording of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander status via new Workday functionality.9 March 2022


Reports not available to understand leave types taken by HDR scholars

Reports for management of HDR scholarships: 

    -  Time Off Report​ 

    -  Absence Report​ 

    -  Interruption of Candidature Report (unpaid Scholars)​ 

25 February 2022

Workforce Admin

Inability to record work from home arrangements

Recording of Work from Home Arrangements is now possible in Workday. For further information on how to complete this please refer to this guide: Recording Working from Home in Workday25 February 2022
Workforce Admin​Updating of Job/Data Change fields and notifications so more intuitive for Managers.25 February 2022
Workforce Admin'De-coupling' of compensation in change of location, reporting line and hours/schedule.25 February 2022
NotificationsRemoval of Onboarding Summary and 6 Week Check In for HDR Scholars​.25 February 2022


Operational reports were not available on a dashboard for managers or the general manager cohort to see across the whole school/faculty

The following operational reports have been developed and are now available on a dashboard:

Worker Details Reports

  • Worker Details – FT & PT
  • Worker Details – Casuals
  • Worker Details – excl scholars

Leave Reports

  • Excess LSL and Annual Leave Report
  • Leave of Absence Requests
  • Time off Requests

Talent Acquisition

  • All Open Job Requisitions
  • Future Hires

Contracts Ending

  • Ending Contracts and Secondments


  • Academic Employee Due for Probation Review
  • Workers with Probation Periods


Consultation has taken place with PBI who are on board to ensure these are fit for purpose and over time can retire the operational reports in the Reportal. Relevant data will continue to feed through to the Reportal for the purposes of management reporting. 
10 February 2022

Costing Allocation Officers

Costing allocation officers were included in the unpaid appointment process for hires and change job.

Removal of the Costing Allocation Officer on Hire for Unpaid appointments (Unpaid Workers and Volunteers).

Removal of the Costing Allocation Officer on Change Job for Unpaid appointments (Unpaid Workers and Volunteers) for Fixed Term Renewals.
8 February 2022

Unpaid appointments

Completing a job requisition for an unpaid appointment required an additional step of also completing the nomination form.
Nomination forms for Adjunct & Honorary, Conjoint and Visiting Academic & Research Student that are completed by a Manager when creating a job requisition have now been removed.8 February 2022

Reports required for management of HDR scholarships

The graduate school were not receiving information regarding leave for HDR scholars.

Two reports have been created to resolve this issue:

  1. Absence report – scholars
  2. Interruption to candidature report – scholars
8 February 2022

Daily Digest Email 

A daily digest email is recieved every day including on the weekends and public holidays.

Workday Digest email identifying that there are outstanding tasks in Workday will now only be received Monday, Wednesday and Friday moving forward. There will be no emails sent on weekends.

10 December 2021

Fixed Term Renewals 

Fixed Term Renewals and change of hours are two separate requests, instead of one. 

The process of renewing a fixed term appointment can now include either a decrease or increase of hours or a change of work days within the same process. 10 December 2021

Market Loading 

Management/Market Loadings equalling 25% were escalating to the VC for approval. 

This has been resolved and market loading 25% or less will not iniate a workflow approval to the VC. 10 December 2021

Personal Information

When adding or updating information related to the 'Date of Birth', 'Citizenship' or 'Disability', please attach supporting documentation. Please update 'ATSI' information via the 'Additional Data' tab within the 'Personal' tab of your worker profile. Can this text be amended Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander? 

This wording has now been updated in Workday8 December 2021


Costing Allocation Officer are in the approval steps in Employment Agreements for unpaid cohorts. 

Costing Allocation Officer's have been removed from the approval step in Employment Agreements for unpaid cohorts 3 December 2021


The assign a mentor (onboarding buddy), this task could be initiated by an employee at any stage. 

Resolved so this step is only accessible as part of the onboarding process to assign a buddy. 

1 November 2021


All business processes were displayed as able to delegate

This has now been reduced to a smaller number based on what is appropriate as per the HR Sub Delegation Instrument

1 November 2021

Job Requisitions

Additional help text required as part of the Job Requisition process to assist managers

Help text has been updated with further information 

1 November 2021

HR Authorisations

Some processes initiated incorrect workflow which does not follow the HR Sub-delegations Instrument. 

Updated in system, any business process initiated after 23 October will now go to the correct approval authority.

23 October 2021

HDR Interruption 

Confusing process for Scholars to enter Personal Leave to interrupt their studies. 

Interruption of candidature through request framework in Workday is now available. Under requests> Request Types without Workday Objects> Interruption to Candidature (HDR Scholar)> OK. 

26 November 2021

Inbox Filters 

Inbox filters are required for the Talent Acquisition Team. 

Inbox Filters have been created for the talent acquisition team.

26 November 2021


Probation notifications are going to both managers if the employee has more than one position. 

Notifications regarding probation will now only go to the primary manager and not every manager for employees who have multiple positions 

26 November 2021

Glossary of Terms 

Require a Glossary to assist with the new terminology. 

A Glossary of Terms is available on the HCMS Website 

1 Oct 2021


Absence functionality 

Not being able to view balances prior to requesting leave 

Available Balances as of Today table now available. 

26 November 2021


Predicting balance for a future date not accruing all leave. 

This has been fixed, no further issues when predicting leave.

24 November 2021

Job Profile Name 

Edit Job Profile name- Level E, Professor and Head of School (Management Level 4) and update to Level E, Professor and Head of School/Centre Director (Management Level 4) 

This has been completed, now updated to Level E, Professor and Head of School/Centre Director (Management Level 4). 

23 November 2021


New report required for enrolments in Learning. 


Indigenous staffing Workday Report required additional fields.

New report for the coordinator/instructor to get the enrolment data. 


Added two columns into Indigenous staffing report, location and Manager. 

11 November 2021


19 November 2021

Onboarding Summary To Do Task 

Link is sending to an incorrect page- resulting in an error 

Updated link in the inbox task to the correct link 

4 November 


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