The UQ Ally Action Committee drives greater inclusion and diversity of sex, genders and sexualities at the UQ and the community it serves.

We will:

  • facilitate consultation with the UQ community to ensure progress on inclusion and diversity of sex, genders and sexualities
  • devise and drive actions in the UQ Ally Action Plan
  • provide leadership to the UQ Ally Network by encouraging engagement with events, programs and other initiatives pertinent to the UQ Ally Network
  • provide advice to the Self-Assessment Team (SAT) as part of the UQ SAGE Pilot of Athena SWAN program
  • provide reports to the relevant governance structures on matters pertinent to gender, sex, and sexuality inclusion at UQ
  • contribute to the UQ Australian Workplace Equality Index application process.

Terms of reference (PDF, 389KB).


Name Position
Daniel Walker (Chair) Candidature Manager, Graduate School
Jordan Tredinnick (Secretariat) Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Consultant
Tarriaki Duncan (Deputy Secretariat) HR Trainee
Alex Eastwood Student representative
Alisa Pratt Administration Officer (Research), Health and Behavioural Sciences
Annabelle Willox Director, UQ Advantage
Benjamin Burton Professor, Mathematics
Patterson Boyd College representative
Dan Jarvis Student representative
Katherine Richardson Project Officer, Women in Science
Mitchell Robson Gender and Sexuality Counsellor, SHOC
Nathan Turville Administration Officer, School of Education
Sarah Wyche Student representative
Stephanie Kerr Reception assistant, Psychology
Tamma Sorbello Senior Organisational Development Consultant