The UQ Disability Inclusion Advocacy Network (UQ DIAN) aims to promote and support disability inclusion within the University, helping to progress UQ as a safe and supportive space for staff with disabilities and for those who care for someone with a disability.

Members of UQ DIAN are not experts in matters of disability or caring for someone with a disability – they are people who want to help improve disability inclusion at the University.

UQ DIAN is a pilot program initiated by the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law, and we hope to launch this University-wide in early 2024.

Focus areas for the network include:
•    Building disability confidence
•    Growing understanding and capability in the universal design of learning
•    Raising awareness of our obligations to provide accessible workplaces
•    Enhancing our understanding and recognition of hidden disabilities

Find a UQ DIAN member

Become a member of UQ DIAN

As a member of UQ DIAN, your role is to help create a more welcoming and accessible workplace and learning environment at the University. You will also be able to develop your own disability confidence and practice through engaging with UQ DIAN initiatives such as the Australian Network on Disability mentoring program and awareness day events. 

The network is currently open to staff in the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law who are committed to learning about and promoting disability inclusion in the workplace.

There are three simple steps to become a member.
1.    Optional - complete the online (self-directed) Disability Inclusion Course in Workday
2.    Participate in the Staff Disability Inclusion Masterclass
3.    Accept the invitation to join UQ DIAN and get involved!

Members will receive a UQ DIAN lanyard and badge to help make visible their status as disability inclusion advocates. 

Contact information

For more information and inquiries, please contact: