UQ Wellness Program

Events, activities and services to support and promote staff health awareness and wellbeing.

Develop knowledge and skills to enhance your physical and psychological health, improve lifestyle factors affecting health and increase your sense of wellbeing.

If you'd like to get involved or promote the program, contact UQ Wellness at (07) 3365 2365 or hsw@uq.edu.au.

July spotlight: healthy habits

In July we're focusing on creating and maintaining healthy habits.

Habits are automatic processes which don't require much active thinking. The more healthy habits you can incorporate into your daily routine, the better it is for your health and wellbeing.

Learn how to build healthy habits

Spotlight on: keeping healthy habits

The brain doesn't know the difference between healthy and unhelpful habits. Because of this, we need to consciously decide which habits to build and which to curb.

How to form healthy habits

Monitor your thoughts, behaviours and triggers. Be curious, not judgemental: the goal is to be more aware of your habits and actions.

Remember to:

  • identify what is important to you — this can be a powerful motivator
  • set small, achievable goals — avoid the 'all or nothing' mentality
  • replace unhelpful habits with a new, healthier habit that provides a similar benefit.

Reasons to form healthy habits

When habits beome second nature, they can replace motivation. This can make daunting activities like going to the gym automatic.

Healthy habits can also:

  • boost your energy
  • improve your mood
  • protect you against some health conditions
  • increase your longevity. 

Benefits for staff

Opportunities to help you improve your health awareness and enhance your wellbeing.

23-25 July - Gatton, Long Pocket and PACE
Book a free physiotherapy screening to help prevent back pain.
The UQ Fitness Passport allows UQ staff and their families to use a wide variety of fitness facilities for one low price.
UQ's corporate health partner Bupa offers health insurance and runs health clinics.