UQ Wellness Program

Events, activities and services to support and promote staff health awareness and wellbeing.

Develop knowledge and skills to enhance your physical and psychological health, improve lifestyle factors affecting health and increase your sense of wellbeing.

If you'd like to get involved or promote the program, contact UQ Wellness at (07) 3365 2365 or hsw@uq.edu.au.

September spotlight: building connections

This month we highlight the importance of connecting with others, checking in with your mates and asking R U OK?

Learn how building positive support networks and meaningful connections is essential to our physical and emotional wellbeing.

Learn ways to build connections


Spotlight on: building connections

Positive social relationships are an important factor in increasing resilience, providing a buffer against poor health and reducing depression and anxiety. Here are some tips fo rmaking more meaningful connections. 


Group of friends watching the sunrise

R U OK? Day

Having an R U OK? conversation on Thursday 12 September is a great way to start connecting. 

At UQ we're encouraging local areas to put on a BBQ or morning tea where workmates can come together and build connections.

We can also provide a PowerPoint resource to share with your team on the day. Contact us at uqwellness@uq.edu.au for more information.

Positive relationships

A healthy relationship is a two-way street. Think about the positives you add to a relationship and the good things that come back to you.

Take the time to:

  • nurture and invest in the quality of your relationships
  • be your authentic self when engaging with others
  • listen effectively
  • accept and celebrate differences.

Benefits for staff

Opportunities to help you improve your health awareness and enhance your wellbeing.

The UQ Fitness Passport allows UQ staff and their families to use a wide variety of fitness facilities for one low price.
UQ's corporate health partner Bupa offers health insurance and runs health clinics.