UQ Wellness Program

Events, activities and services to support and promote staff health awareness and wellbeing.

Develop knowledge and skills to enhance your physical and psychological health, improve lifestyle factors affecting health and increase your sense of wellbeing.

If you'd like to get involved or promote the program, contact UQ Wellness at (07) 3365 2365 or hsw@uq.edu.au.

November spotlight: flow and grow

The end of year is fast approaching and many of us are left scratching our heads wondering where the year has gone. While there may be many tasks left to achieve, don’t forget to take some time to breathe.

This November try to find some time to unleash your creativity, try something new or find your ‘flow’.

Learn some tips to help you find your flow and grow

Be inspired

Be inspired to prioritise your health and wellbeing by attending a wellness event. Check out some of the events you can attend this month:


Spotlight on: being well at work

This month is all about tuning in to what makes you happy. Improve your mental health and gain a more positive outlook by getting creative, learning something new, or embracing opportunities that will help you find your flow and personal growth.



Girl on a swing in the sunset


Being in a state of ‘flow’ means feeling completely immersed in an activity or task. Flow is different for everyone. What is that one activity for you where you lose track of time and gain a sense of serenity or joy?

Flow can help us thrive and has many health benefits. It's great for creativity, performance and managing stress.

Try to create some space for flow on a daily basis – even if you have to schedule it. Be present and engage fully in the activity at hand.


A growth mindset means we believe that we have the capacity to keep learning and developing. This can have a positive impact on learning, resilience, tenacity and the ability to accomplish goals. Try these tips to help develop a growth mindset:

  • see challenges as opportunities
  • replace judgement with acceptance
  • learn new things
  • be open to feedback
  • celebrate successes.

Benefits for staff

Opportunities to help you improve your health awareness and enhance your wellbeing.

The UQ Fitness Passport allows UQ staff and their families to use a wide variety of fitness facilities for one low price.
UQ's corporate health partner Bupa offers health insurance and runs health clinics.