The Workplace Psychologist is based within the Health, Safety and Wellness Division. The Workplace Psychologist helps facilitate workplace support for staff whose capacity to carry out their duties is affected by a mental health condition not currently subject to a workers' compensation claim.

The Workplace Psychologist can:

  • advise and assist staff on available resources to support the management of relevant health conditions
  • advise supervisors and managers on appropriate occupational management of staff with health conditions
  • liaise with treating doctors and health practitioners in relation to fitness for duty and return-to-work needs
  • assist managers and staff in facilitating a medically approved return-to-work program after a period of illness.

We encourage staff to seek support through external services, such as the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), your GP or a psychologist. If you need assistance in finding help, you can contact the Workplace Psychologist.

A staff member experiencing mental health difficulties that are impacting on their work may be required to attend an appointment with the Workplace Psychologist if there are health, welfare or safety concerns.

Information sharing

Information that you disclose to the Workplace Psychologist may be shared with your manager, HR or an appropriate health professional. This would happen on a ‘need to know’ basis, and only when required.

This could include:

  • information relevant to the nature of the issue
  • any functional implications for the workplace
  • any related reasonable adjustments and managerial responses.

Sharing this information will:

  • assist with the occupational management of your condition
  • ensure that UQ is meeting its duty of care obligations to staff.

At your first meeting, you can talk to the Workplace Psychologist about these limits of confidentiality.