All psychosocial hazards and incidents should be reported in UQ Safe.

You should also raise concerns with your immediate supervisor or, if this is not possible a Human Resources or Safety Representative. 

Even if a hazard is an inherent part of the role (for example, exposure to emotionally demanding tasks), it can still be reported in UQSafe. The process of reporting can assist with reviewing existing controls to ensure that are controlled as best as reasonably practicable. 

Report a psychosocial incident or hazard

Psychosocial hazards

(Source: Managing the risk of psychosocial hazards at work Code of Practice)

Health, Safety and Wellness Division

Promote incident reporting via UQSafe

Display UQSafe poster (PNG, 450 KB) on digital screens or place UQSafe poster (vertical) (PNG, 289.3 KB) on noticeboards in your work area.

Additional Support or Referral Options

Local Human Resources representative or Ask HR;  

HR representatives are able to provide support and advice around workplace concerns, for example issues relating to bullying/harassment, staff grievances or workplace relationships. 

Sexual Misconduct Support Unit (SMSU)

The SMSU is a safe and supportive place for the UQ community to receive guidance around sexual assault and sexual harassment.  

Integrity Unit

The Integrity Unit can assess, investigate and manage complaints or matters raised about the conduct of staff, including sexual misconduct, assault, serious breaches of policy and procedures. 

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 

The EAP is available to UQ staff and provides free, confidential counselling support for personal or work-related matters.

Student services (Student counselling and support)

Student counselling services provide free and confidential counselling to all UQ students currently enrolled and located in Australia.

Mental Health Champion Network

Mental Health Champions are trained UQ staff members who can provide support and referral information about mental health and wellbeing.

Work Injury Management (WIM)

WIM provide information on claiming Workers’ Compensation at UQ.