All staff have obligations under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Qld) to:

  • eliminate risks to health and safety where possible
  • minimise risks as far as is reasonably practicable where eliminating them isn’t possible.

The Health and Safety Risk Management Procedure outline our approach to managing health and safety risks at UQ, including responsibilities of staff, supervisors and heads of organisational units.

We use the UQSafe-Risk system to manage health and safety risk assessments.

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When to complete a risk assessment

Health and Safety Risk Assessment Procedure outlines when to complete a risk assessment. 

How to complete a risk assessment

Risk assessments must be completed by the person or people performing the tasks. Managers and supervisors are responsible for making sure this is done.

  1. Determine whether a formal risk assessment is required.
  2. Identify the hazards associated with the task or process.
  3. Discuss it with your supervisors.
  4. Draft a risk assessment in UQSafe-Risk (staff login required).
  5. Send the risk assessment for peer review to get feedback from subject experts or your Workplace Health and Safety Coordinator (WHSC).
  6. Submit the risk assessment to your supervisor for review and approval.


Supervisors must review risk assessments completed by their staff before approving them to make sure they provide correct and adequate information. Supervisors must ensure:

  • all risk sources have been identified
  • proposed treatments are current and effective.  


To monitor quality, a sample of risk assessments are reviewed and audited by Workplace Health and Safety Coordinators (WHSC). They pay particular attention to risk assessments with high or extreme risk ratings. Within UQSafe this process is refered to as Risk Assessment Verification.

The UQSafe risk assessment verification guide provides a checklist to help Workplace Health and Safety Coordinators (WHSC) audit a risk assessment.

Using the UQSafe-Risk system

See the UQSafe risk assessment guide (PDF, 352KB) for an overview of:

  • commonly used functions
  • fields included in risk assessments
  • risk assessment and approval process.

For help with:

UQSafe Training Videos

Completing risk assessments for general tasks

Watch the video for a detailed guide to completing risk assessments for general tasks.

Completing risk assessments involving hazardous chemicals or biological materials

Watch the video for a detailed guide to completing risk assessments that involve hazardous chemicals or biological materials.

Peer reviewing risk assessments

Watch the video for instructions for:

  • inviting colleagues to peer review a risk assessment
  • conducting a peer review
  • viewing feedback.

Approving risk assessments

Watch the video for a step-by-step guide for supervisors approving risk assessments.

Formally reviewing risk assessments

Watch the video for a step-by-step guide to formally reviewing a risk assessment in UQSafe.

Risk assessments before April 2017

Risk assessments completed before April 2017 may be located in the old UQ Risk Management Database. You can access these risk assessments in ‘read-only’ format. You can't create new risk assessments in this system.

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