When health monitoring may be required

Health monitoring is the monitoring of a worker at significant ongoing risk of exposure to certain physical, biological or chemical hazards to detect any early changes in their health status resulting from the effects of that hazard.  

The aim is to:  

  • detect early signs of possible exposure to the hazard,  
  • inform on effectiveness of exposure controls, and  
  • inform on whether new or more effective controls should be applied.  

It may also be necessary where a person has had an acute exposure to these hazards.  

Health monitoring can only be instigated where a valid health monitoring procedure is available.   

Health monitoring is required for staff in particular roles. Health Monitoring is determined by a:  

  • risk assessment by the organisational area  
  • the Occupational Hygiene Advisor or Occupational Health Nurse reviewing a request for health monitoring.  

The main types of health monitoring conducted at UQ are in relation to: 

  • Hazardous noise   
  • Chemicals and dust   
  • Microorganisms  
  • Coal mine, mineral mine and quarry dust   
  • Lab animal allergens  
  • Bacteria causing Tuberculosis 
  • Acute exposure 
  • Other

Health monitoring may also be done when a staff member is required to use respiratory protective equipment for the first time.   

Request health monitoring

Health monitoring is requested via Workday by the supervisor of the worker or Higher Degree Research (HDR) Student.  

Instructions on how to do this in Workday will be available via the Systems Training Hub.

Please visit the Systems Training Hub for a link to Workday Health Monitoring User guides. 

Once a request is initiated in Workday by the supervisor, the Occupational Health Nurse Advisor (OHNA) will review the request for Health Monitoring. If additional information is required, they will send the request back to the supervisor for amendments.   

If the requested health monitoring is approved by the OHNA, a workday Certificate will be created specific to that health monitoring and the Health Monitoring request will be sent through Workday to the worker or HDR student for their consent to the relevant health monitoring.    

Once consent is confirmed, the Health Monitoring request will be actioned by the OHNA. The Supervisor and the Work Health Safety Coordinator (WHSC) will be informed via a Workday notification.  

Only the worker/HDR student and the OHNA can see any medical information in Workday.    

WHSC’s will be informed of all Health Monitoring Applications relevant for their area, faculty or school and will receive a notification in Workday. No action is required of the WHSC.  

For some hazards, the supervisor will be prompted in Workday to complete a Health Monitoring Assessment Form for the worker or HDR student. Where a form is required, it must be completed for each worker requiring the related health monitoring.  

Further information on required forms can be found below:   

For further information please read the Workday Health Monitoring FAQs (PDF, 3.8 MB).