We monitor the health of workers who are identified as being at significant risk of:

  • being exposed to particular hazardous substances
  • developing work-related illnesses.

This process is also known as ‘health surveillance’.

Monitoring can enable:

  • early detection of health problems
  • intervention to halt or reverse a work-related health problem.

Medical records are kept confidential.

When health monitoring may be required

Whether health monitoring is required for staff in particular positions is determined by a:

  • risk assessment by the organisational area
  • review of the risk assessment by the Occupational Hygiene Advisor or Occupational Health Nurse Advisor.

For more information about health monitoring procedures, see the:

Request health monitoring

To request health surveillance for a staff member:

  1. Read the relevant procedures or guidelines.
  2. If health monitoring is necessary, the Workplace Health and Safety Coordinator (WHSC) for the area should complete a health surveillance referral form (PDF, 589KB) and submit it to the Occupational Health Nurse Advisor.

New staff medical assessments

A medical assessment is required before a staff member starts work in a position that’s been identified as representing a significant health risk. Read the Pre-Placement Medical Assessments Policy [5.30.16] for more information.