Providing a scholarship to a student

If your organisational unit is providing a scholarship to cover a student’s tuition fees or Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), you must:

  1. Check the student has been notified of the scholarship.
  2. Confirm the amount due on the student’s SI-net account.
  3. Complete a Si-Net Revenue Transfers form (XLSX, 33.9 KB) with approval from an appropriate financial delegate.
  4. Submit the form to Student Receivables no later than the second Friday of semester (due date for payment of all fees and charges).

Third-party scholarships and sponsorships

For all third-party sponsorship and scholarship contracts, Student Receivables will:

  • invoice charges
  • receipt and allocate payments
  • recover debt on outstanding amounts.

Contact Student Receivables if you have a question about financial management of scholarships and sponsorships.

Refunding fees and charges

Students can request refunds of fees and charges. See student refunds for more information.