To report a fire, contact Security on 53333 immediately.

Report a fire system fault or request by logging a job in ARCHIBUS (staff login required). Contact PF Assist if you don't know who your ARCHIBUS nominated user is.

Access the Emergency Procedure cards for your area.

Fire safety training

All UQ staff must complete the Fire safety online training (staff login required) every year.

At the end of the module, you will need to complete the compulsory assessment to be tested on the material you learned.

If you don't have a UQ login, you can access the volunteer and visitor training.

Fire and emergency training

You can register for fire and emergency training through Staff Development for:

  • staff fire extinguisher training
  • Type D flammable metals fire extinguisher training
  • Sapphire fire extinguisher training
  • warden and laboratory staff fire safety training
  • emergency procedures for hazardous materials.

Emergency drills

Each UQ building must conduct a compulsory annual evacuation drill. This drill is a legislative requirement and must meet a certain standard to pass. An officer in charge (Chief or Deputy Warden, or the Fire Safety Officer) must fill out the PF264 Emergency evacuation practice form to evaluate the drill:

If you are taking part in an emergency drill, follow what you learned in your fire safety online training and follow the directions of wardens.

Fire equipment

Firefighting equipment is shown on emergency evacuation diagrams in all buildings. These diagrams also show evacuation paths and assembly areas. To request the diagrams contact your local Deputy Fire Warden, Chief Fire Warden or Safety Coordinator.

Hot work and fire systems isolations

You can arrange to have part of the fire system isolated and the alarms turned off while you undertake necessary work. To request fire system isolation:

  1. Complete the PF707 After hours access and fire system isolation requests form (PDF, 659.1 KB).
  2. Have an authorised officer (P&F Project Officer, P&F Trade Supervisor or UQ ITS Staff) submit it to Security for approval no later than 3pm the day before the isolation is needed.
  3. Security will let you know if the isolation can go ahead.

You can also arrange for permission to perform hot work (work involving flammables) by submitting the PF220 Hot work permit form to Security:

ARCHIBUS access for emergency wardens

Information specific to emergency wardens is located in ARCHIBUS. If you are a Chief or Deputy Warden, or Safety Warden, you can request access to the emergency wardens module in ARCHIBUS.

To prepare in advance for fire emergencies, access the UQ Emergency Procedure cards.

Emergency wardens should complete the PF635 Warden checklist form for their area every 6 months and submit it to the UQ Fire Safety Officer:

If you believe the warden database is out of date and need to update your details, contact the Chief Fire Warden. They will update the database using the PF634 Chief Fire Warden database update form:


In an emergency, contact Security
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

(07) 3365 3333


Security is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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