If you need to book a ride for work-related purposes, you should use Uber for Business instead of Cabcharge or a corporate credit card booking.

The Uber service provides a simple, trackable and more cost-effective system for users and finance administration. The app encourages rid-sharing, making it more environmentally sustainable, and it can be used internationally.

You are still permitted to use Cab Charge Plus as a second option.

Who can use Uber for Business

Your manager or supervisor will approve you for Uber for Business based on expected travel requirements for your position.

When to use Uber for Business

You can use Uber for Business:

  • you are travelling for work and
  • it is not practical to take another form of transport, and
  • your supervisor has given approval.

Examples include:

  • travel to and from airports and offices
  • visits to a client or another site
  • conferences or training courses
  • you become ill at work and are unable to travel home independently.

Get set up

  1. If you don't already have your own account with Uber, you'll need to download the app on your phone and create a personal account.

Do not use a UQ credential (UQ email or UQ password) or UQ credit card when you set up your personal Uber account. If you have a UQ credential or credit card on your Uber account, you’ll need to change them in your account settings.

  1. Send an email to your local Finance Professional Service Transaction team making sure you include:
  • a default chart string for Uber for Business charges (if you're unsure of your chart string, please check with your supervisor)
  • supervisor approval (an email chain is sufficient).
  1. Once processed, you'll receive an email inviting you to join Uber for Business.

Book a trip

In the Uber app:

  1. Follow the prompts to confirm your destination and ride option. Choose from UberX, UberXL or Uber Assist. You can't select Comfort, Uber pet or Premium.
  2. Under Payment options, select 'Business'
  3. select 'Bill to default chart string' (this is your department/ unit account). To bill to a different account (e.g. for a specific project), select 'Alternative chart string' and enter the details. See how to enter an alternative chart string.
  4. Add a memo to describe the trip (optional).
  5. Select 'Agree and ride'.

You’ll receive a receipt and a trip report will be sent to your supervisor or manager.

Detailed instructions on how to book a trip (PDF)

Recommended pick-up and drop-off locations

On the St Lucia campus, we suggest you use the following roads for pick up and drop off:

  • Campbell Place
  • Sir William MacGregor Drive
  • College Road
  • Chancellors Place.

Disability access

Uber Assist provides certified drivers who can provide special assistance.

If this does not meet your requirements, you can use Cab Charge Plus.

    Booking on behalf of someone else

    If you are an executive assistant or similar and need to make bookings for someone else, submit a request to your local finance team to allow you access.

    Accounts and billing

    Moving department

    If you move to a different business unit, you need to:

    • request approval from your new supervisor to stay on the Uber for Business account
    • notify your new local finance team of this change and approval.

    Otherwise, your Uber for Business account will be automatically removed.

    Booking on the wrong account

    If you book a personal trip on the UQ account by accident, you can correct it in the Uber app.

    Alternative chart string

    Your Uber for Business account will automatically bill to your department’s chart string. You can manually change this, for example, if you wish to bill to a specific project, by inserting an alternative chart string.

    Follow this example format to insert your chart string:



    Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


    Are there recommended locations to get picked up/dropped off by Uber at the St Lucia campus?
    Yes, while you have the option to be picked up/dropped off on most roads at St Lucia campus, we recommend you use the roads surrounding the campus such as:

    • Campbell Place
    • Sir William MacGregor Dr
    • College Road
    • Chancellors Place.

    This recommendation is to reduce Uber drivers getting lost at St Lucia campus and as cancelling rides as a result.

    Account access and bookings

    How do I book a trip on my UQ Uber for Business account?
    Please download the step by step process PDF on booking an Uber through your UQ Uber account.

    Can I use my UQ email or password for my personal Uber account?
    No, you will need to set up your personal Uber account with a different email address and password separate from your UQ email and password.

    I wasn’t sent an email invitation from Uber, how do I enrol to use Uber for Business?  
    Please notify your manager and ask for justification to be added to the account. If this is approved, justification and approval will need to be sent to your local finance team who can arrange access.

    How do I book a car on behalf of someone else? 
    You are required to submit a request to your department's Finance Transactions Team, who will be able to change your access so that you are able to book on behalf of others. These permissions are only available to certain administrative positions. E.g. Executive Assistants.

    What happens when I move departments within UQ?  
    If you move departments, you will be automatically removed from Uber for Business. You must request approval from your new supervisor to stay on the Uber for Business account, and notify your new local finance team of this change/approval.

    Why do I need to use my personal email instead of my UQ email to operate Uber for Business? 
    It is Uber’s policy that in order to have access to the UQ Uber for Business account, you must already have a personal Uber account set up. For this reason, we encourage staff to set their personal account up with their personal email and personal password and then follow the steps to accessing the UQ account.

    What is the criteria for me to be deemed applicable to be included for Uber for Business?
    Your manager or supervisor will base their approval on the expected travel requirements for your position.

    When I use Uber for Business will the app default back to my personal account after the business trip?
    No, it should default to the payment profile that was used the last time. In other words, if you took a trip on the business profile last time, it will be toggled to the business profile next time you open the app. Same experience if you have taken a ride on your personal profile.

    Accessibility and alternative options

    Does Uber for Business have disability access?  

    Uber provides the Uber Assist service. Certified drivers can help riders into vehicles, and load and unload certain assistive devices.

    Find out more about accessibility using Uber.

    If Uber for Business does not meet your requirements, you can use Cab Charge Plus.

    Will Uber for Business have all the same functions? i.e.  UberXL, Comfort, Uber pet  
    No, all travel for UQ will have the option to have UberX, Uber XL, or Uber Assist ride. 

    Can I still use Cab Charge Plus for certain circumstances instead of Uber for Business?  
    While we recommend the use of Uber for Business as the preferred method of corporate travel, staff members are still permitted to use Cab Charge Plus. View information about Cab Charge Plus.

    Finance and billing

    How do I link a different chart string to my Uber for business account? 
    Your departments default chart string will be automatically loaded on to your profile. You have the option to manual change your chart string via the Uber app. 

    Please see the below example, on how to insert your chart string:



    I currently have a UQ credit card that is linked to my personal Uber account, do I continue to carry on with this practice? 
    Your UQ credit card will need to be removed from your personal Uber account and replaced with your personal payment details as the UQ Uber for Business account will be linked to your department chart string.

    What happens if I want to split fare with someone outside or inside of UQ?  
    We strongly recommend not splitting fare with other users. We recommend you come to an agreement on which staff members will be booking and paying for the fare. 

    What happens if I accidently book a personal trip on my corporate account?  
    If you realise you have booked on the wrong account, you will be able to go in and change this in the Uber app. If you do not realise, your manager or finance representative should pick this up on the report and query the trip which will then prompt you to make the change in the Uber app.

    Can I link my UQ corporate credit card to my Uber for Business account?  
    Corporate credit cards are not permitted to be used with Uber of Business as credit cards can only be linked to a staff member’s personal account. The UQ Uber for Business account will be linked to your faculties chart string. 

    What do I do if I am no longer an employee at UQ?  
    Termination report will identify when a staff member has departed UQ. This report will be uploaded on a weekly basis, and you will automatically be removed from the account.

    Why do I need to insert my own credit card details? 
    To create a personal account payment details must be entered in. These details will not be linked to your Uber for Business account, which will instead use your local chart string to facilitate payment.

    Can I tip my driver?
    As per the UQ Hospitality Procedure, tipping is not encouraged in Australia. However, it is recognised that tipping is the normal custom in some areas of the world and in those situations, an appropriate tip or gratuity may be given if required.


    UQ will not have access to staff members’ personal (ie. non-UQ) Uber information, except where a staff member inadvertently books personal travel under their UQ account.

    Uber Privacy Notice

    Uber for Business FAQ's in Australia