Information protection and returning to the office

23 July 2020

Most staff have spent the last few months working from home, and have done a remarkable job adjusting and innovating. With these changes came new considerations in terms of cyber security and information protection.

As we transition back to campus we will likely continue to meet many of our colleagues online rather than in person. Therefore, it’s important that we refine our habits to ensure that we are still effectively protecting information when back on-campus.

Avoid discussing confidential information in a public setting.
Working from home saw an explosion in Zoom videoconferences. As we adjust back to working on campus, we will likely still be participating in a lot of video conferences – potentially at our desks. Remember that the office doesn’t have the same privacy as your home, and others may be able to overhear your meetings.

Be cognizant of what is displayed on your monitor.
Unlike at home, there are a lot more people and foot-traffic in the office. Anybody who walks past your desk could potentially see your monitor, so be conscious of what’s on display and who is around you.

Remember to lock your computer whenever you walk away from it.
It’s important to remember to get back in the habit of always locking your computer, even for those small trips to the printer or to a co-worker’s desk.

Secure your commute.
If you work on your commute (e.g. on the train), ensure that others around you can’t see or overhear confidential information. Be careful not to misplace any items that may give others access to UQ information, such as USB devices or a building entry card.

Finally, continue with the good practices!
Continue to store your digital files appropriately, consider data privacy and understand your responsibilities. Thank you for your support in protecting UQ’s data.