Software and mobile phones now available on UQeMarket

ITS has streamlined the process for ordering mobile phones (including accessories) and selected software. These items are now available on UQeMarket (via UniFi), making it easier and quicker than ever to order IT products at UQ. For information on how you can purchase, see below.

If you have any issues purchasing these IT items via UQeMarket, please contact IT support.


Commonly ordered software can now be purchased on UQeMarket without a quote from ITS. For a full list of software now available on UQeMarket, please visit the software catalogue. To order, simply search for the software name in UQeMarket and purchase as normal.

Applications from the software catalogue that aren’t listed in UQeMarket can still be purchased; however, you must request a quote from ITS first before purchasing manually in UniFi. If you require software that is not listed in either UQeMarket or the software catalogue, you (or your finance department) should request a custom quote.

For more information, visit the software catalogue, which includes a list of all available software programs, with details on how to purchase and install them.

Mobiles and accessories

All UQ mobile phones and accessories have been removed from the ‘ITS mobile resale catalog’ and you can now purchase these items on UQeMarket. This saves time, and means that items are delivered directly to the person placing the order (without going via ITS).

To order a mobile in UQeMarket, search ‘UQ’ followed by the item you wish to purchase (e.g. UQ iPhone). You can find more information on purchasing via UQeMarket here. Note that you must also purchase a mobile plan separately – please visit the UQ mobiles page for full details.

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