Changes to the way you connect your devices in teaching spaces

Our teaching and learning spaces are currently undergoing substantial audiovisual upgrades, to improve the quality of our facilities and technologies.

Part of this upgrade involves phasing out old projector and monitor connection methods, in favour of newer, more versatile connectors. Therefore, you may find that you need to change the way you connect your devices in these upgraded spaces.

VGA connectors are increasingly rare on modern devices, and VGA connections will not be provided in upgraded learning spaces. Instead, you can connect your device to monitors and projectors either via a HDMI or USB-C connector. Many devices with VGA connectivity also have a HDMI connection option; however, older devices may require a HDMI adapter (which you can purchase on UQeMarket). To find out which adapter you require, contact IT Support and include your laptop model in the request.

USB-C connectors are more common on new devices. Please note that a USB-C connector is an upgraded version of the traditional USB – you cannot connect your device to monitors and projectors using a standard USB connector.

 VGA, HDMI and USB-C connectors.
Left to right: VGA, HDMI and USB-C connectors.

If you have any issues connecting devices in our teaching and learning spaces, please contact our on-call support team. Please note that the on-call support team cannot provide adapters for everyone.

For further information, visit the Audiovisual information and services page.