Accounts Payable Automation

In July 2019 UQ launched automated invoice processing which uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology. This enables invoice data to be captured automatically which:

  • removes the need for manual input, resulting in reduced errors and increased efficiencies
  • supports a streamlined and efficient payment process for suppliers with fewer errors and payment delays.

Suppliers must email all invoices directly to Do not forward the invoice yourself as this will delay processing time.

Suppliers need to ensure that each invoice:

  • includes a current valid UQ purchase order
  • is provided in high quality electronic file format (preferably PDF)
  • is sent as a separate attachment.

Meeting these requirements ensures suppliers are paid efficiently and on time. If a supplier needs more information about the process a Supplier Information Sheet is available on the Processing invoices for payment by UQ website which can be forwarded to any suppliers you deal with.

If you foresee any issues with this process please contact with the following information:

  • Supplier name
  • Issue details.

The Accounts Payable team will collate the information and work with you and the supplier to resolve.