Scheduled phone outage – Sunday 29 September

3 September 2019

A scheduled outage will impact landline phones (inbound and outbound service), fax, voicemail, call queuing (including QMaster) and automated phone messages across all UQ locations between 6 and 10 pm on Sunday 29 September 2019. We expect that each service will be unavailable for approximately 20-30 minutes at some time during this maintenance window.

This will not impact Internet or mobile services, including the Safe Zone mobile application.

The outage will affect some locations more than others. Please see below for full details of the impacted services and affected locations.

This outage will enable Information Technology Services (ITS) to perform a key network upgrade. If you have any queries or concerns regarding the outage, please contact the Network Upgrades team. 

If you experience issues with your phone service after the upgrade, please contact IT Support.

Landline phone and fax

During the outage you will be unable to make or receive phone calls at select UQ locations, including the St Lucia campus. This will not affect the Gatton or Herston campuses.

During the outage, callers will receive a busy tone, and will not have the option to leave a voicemail.

If you have enabled call forwarding (e.g. from a UQ landline to a mobile device) this will not function during the outage period for the affected locations.

You will also be unable to send or receive faxes.

The affected locations are as follows:

  • St Lucia campus
  • Moreton Bay research station
  • UQ Brisbane City (293 Queen Street)
  • UQ Vets Dayboro
  • Southern Queensland Rural Health - Charleville
  • Rural Clinical School – Toowoomba (West Street, Toowoomba)
  • Rural Clinical School – Rockhampton (Cambridge and Canning Street, Rockhampton)
  • UQ Healthy Living clinic (Toowong)
  • UQ Toowong (74 High Street)
  • UQ Psychology clinic (Upland Road)
  • International House.

If you are working during the outage from a location where phone service is affected, we recommend that you reschedule any planned calls, or use Zoom or a mobile device instead.

Please see a list of services which will remain active, in some capacity, below.

Lifts and emergency call points

All lift telephones and emergency call points will remain active and fully functioning at all locations during the outage.


UQ Security will maintain phone service at all UQ locations during the outage, however there will be no call queuing, automated messages, or voicemail functionality.

Anyone needing to contact Security during the outage will need to call the external numbers below:

Emergency: 07 3365 3333

General and non-urgent enquiries: 07 3365 1234

The Safe Zone mobile application will not be impacted.

Duress alarms in St Lucia buildings will be impacted during the outage.  If you plan to work during this time, please liaise with your local WHS coordinator to ensure you have appropriate alternate emergency communication methods in place.

IT Support and the UQ switchboard

The UQ switchboard (07 3365 1111) and IT Support (07 3365 6000 or 1300 738 082) will maintain phone service during the outage. However there will be no call queuing, automated messages or voicemail. Staff will be taking calls from these numbers during the outage.

Physical Containment (PC) lab phones – select UQ locations

Phones in PC1, PC2 and PC3 labs at St Lucia campus and select locations with impacted landline phone service (see above) will not function during the outage. As such, you should follow safety protocols when entering an impacted PC lab. Please contact your Lab Manager or the Network Upgrade project team for further information on how to manage lab work during the outage.

Phones in the PC1, PC2 and PC3 labs located in the Queensland Bioscience Precinct (building 80) will remain active (without voicemail capability) as they run on a different phone network.

Voicemail – all UQ Locations

During the outage, callers will be unable to leave a voicemail, and you will be unable to access voicemail messages. This will impact all UQ locations, including UQ sites such as (but not limited to) vet clinics and rural locations.

At locations with impacted phone service (see above), callers will receive a busy tone.

Any voicemail messages recorded prior to the outage will become available when the service is restored.

Automated phone messages and call queuing (including QMaster) – all UQ locations

Automated phone messages (e.g. out of hours, busy messages) and call queuing services (including QMaster) will be unavailable during the outage at all UQ locations, including UQ sites such as (but not limited to) vet clinics and rural clinics.

At locations with impacted phone service (see above), callers will receive a busy tone. 

At locations with phone service, for example Gatton and Herston, callers can place a call but there will be no automated messages, no call queuing and no option to leave a voicemail.