New ICT policies and procedures

31 October 2019

After a comprehensive review, Information Technology Services (ITS) has created a simplified and consolidated framework of policies and procedures. These new resources provide UQ’s staff and students with clearly defined roles and responsibilities in relation to UQ’s ICT resources.

All original policies have been withdrawn and replaced by three new policies (effective immediately):

  • Information and Communication Technology Policy
  • Cyber Security Policy      
  • Information Management Policy.

ITS also developed six procedures and one framework to support these policies:

  • Information and Communication Technology Procedure
  • Cyber Security Exceptions Procedure
  • Destruction of Records Procedure
  • Email and Bulk Messaging Procedure
  • Information Security Classification Procedure
  • Software Asset Management Procedure
  • Information Governance and Management Framework.

These resources were developed after extensive consultation with subject matter experts, the Information Technology Governance Committee (ITGC), the Enterprise Governance and Risk Division and the Strategic Information Technology Council (SITC).

All policies and procedures are listed in the UQ Policy and Procedures Library, and you can also find a list of key changes on the Governance and Risk website. For more information and advice regarding these changes, we welcome you to attend an information seminar on Wednesday 13 November 2019. Please register online to attend, and if you have any further queries please contact IT Governance.