MFA: a new cyber security measure for UQ

4 November 2019

UQ takes the protection of your personal information and University data very seriously. To safeguard this information, we are introducing a new functionality called multi-factor authentication (MFA), which adds another layer of security to your UQ username and password.

To log in with MFA you need to provide both:

  • something you know (e.g. your UQ username and password), and
  • something you have (such as your mobile phone).

This means that if someone obtains your username and password, they still won’t be able to access your account or change your personal details. Approximately 80% of malicious data breaches currently result from compromised credentials which are mitigated by implementing MFA.

It’s likely that you’ve used multi-factor technology before. It’s commonly used by trusted organisations such as banks and government departments, and universities around the world are now adopting MFA to increase security and better protect their data.

UQ is progressively deploying MFA to all staff this year in a rollout schedule approved by faculties and institutes.

For more information, visit the MFA website.