Check your teaching and learning tools

8 Feb 2022

At this time of year, you may be obtaining new software to use throughout the semester. If you’re considering new teaching and learning tools, please ensure that you follow the correct process (even if the software is free), as defined in the Software Acquisition and Use Procedure and Purchasing or requesting software web page.

Throughout this year UQ will be providing more information on safe software acquisition practices, to ensure that staff can follow the right process to protect our people and information.

What do I need to do?

Here’s an overview of the core requirements, which apply even if the software is free or cloud-based. For full details, read the procedure or visit the Purchasing or requesting software web page.

  • Start by checking the software catalogue for a list of tools already available. Chat to the Software Licensing team ( if you’re not sure whether UQ already has software that might meet your needs.
  • For all new software agreements, you must complete and submit the Low-risk licence review checklist and ICT contract and procurement brief. If there’s anything you’re not sure of, reach out to the Software Licensing team.
  • If you need cloud software there are additional security risks, and staff must raise an IT support request for assistance classifying information and completing cyber security assessments.  
  • Software for student use will generally be delivered via the UQ Digital Workspace. It is also essential that students are supported to use new software. Speak to the Library (via about the software you are intending to use, and what support can be offered to students.

Why is it so important? What are the risks?

Acquiring software without appropriately reviewing the terms and conditions increases UQ’s legal, privacy and security risks, particularly where cloud software is concerned.  

Following the right process helps UQ avoid the following:

  • breaching legislative requirements around protecting personal information
  • data loss or data breaches associated with software that doesn’t meet our information and cyber security standards
  • purchasing the wrong licence type, resulting in non-compliance fines
  • access management and privacy issues (e.g. where staff who have left the University can still access UQ information via cloud software).

Additionally, providing technical support to UQ students is easier when the software landscape is cohesive and managed correctly.

Who can I speak to for help/guidance?

The Software Licensing team can:

  • answer questions about the procedure and provide assistance completing the low-risk licence review checklist and ICT contract and procurement brief,
  • help you purchase the right licence type and advise on potential cost savings, and
  • navigate any legal risks associated with software terms and conditions.

Please get in touch with the Software Licensing team if you have any queries.