Find contact details for UQ safety network staff in your area.

Select your organisational unit below to find safety network staff for your area, including:

  • Health, Safety and Wellness Managers (HSW Managers)
  • Work Health and Safety Coordinators (WHSC)
  • Health and Safety Representatives (HSR)
  • First Aid Officers
  • Drugs Officer/Drug Commodity Approver (DO)
  • Radiation/Laser Safety Officers (RSO/LSO)
  • Controlled Substances Officer/Chemical Commodity Approver (CSO)

If you can't find the contact you need for your area, contact the relevant area of the Health, Safety and Wellness (HSW) Division for further information. To find out more about the roles and responsibilities of safety officers, see staff responsibilities for health and safety.

Staff in safety roles

If you're new to a safety coordinator role (WHSC/HSW Manager) or changed the units, complete the Work Health and Safety Coordinator (WHSC)/Safety Manager (staff login required) (PDF, 147.5 KB) form and email it to the HSW Division at

If you're new to an RSO/LSO or CSO role, complete the RSO/LSO or CSO (staff login required)  (PDF, 221.5 KB)form and email it to the HSW Division at