What is a map pane?

A map pane is a panel that displays a location on a Google Map.

The map pane is used on pre-made contact pages, but can also be used on standard panel pages. The panel can be displayed within a narrow column or full-width across the page.

Use a map pane when:

  • you have a specific location you want to display
  • you're using a panel page
  • your site uses the uq.edu.au domain.

A map pane shouldn't be used when:

  • you're not using a panel page
  • you want to show a region, rather than a single location
  • your site is not on a uq.edu.au domain. UQ’s API license to use Google Maps doesn't work on other domains.

In these cases, you can use an iFrame to embed a map from the Google Maps website.

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How to create a map pane

Map panes can be created by:

  • site builders.

Use the in-place editor to create a map pane:

  1. Click 'Customize this page' in the black Drupal menu at the bottom of the page, and then click the plus icon (+) in the blue box at the top of the page.
  2. Select 'UQ' from the side menu and then click 'Google map'.
  3. Enter your address in the 'Address' field to fill in your building location.
  4. Remove the pre-filled coordinates as these may be different to your address and cause the map to display incorrectly.
  5. Select 'Finish'.
  6. Click 'Save' in the black Drupal menu at the bottom of the page to publish the changes.
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Best practice

  • Use maps as supplementary information. Ensure addresses and any directions or building information is provided within the page content.
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Use only one field out of 'Address', 'My Location' or 'Coordinates' – they can't be used together.

Field name

Required field?




Displays a title for the panel.


Complete one of the 'Address', 'My Location' or 'Coordinates' fields.

Enter an address and select the 'Get Location' button to display the location on the map.

My Location

Complete one of the 'Address', 'My Location' or 'Coordinates' fields.

Uses your browser's location functionality to try to identify where you are and displays your location on the map. This option is less reliable.


Complete one of the 'Address', 'My Location' or 'Coordinates' fields.

Enter a latitude and longitude to display a location on the map.

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