What is a compendium?

The compendium is a navigation structure best suited to large and complex websites.

The compendium arranges web topics into columns. When a user clicks on a topic, any sub-topics or links display in a new column.

All columns remain visible when a user browses the compendium. This provides important contextual information and allows them to switch between topics or columns.

It adds to the main menu and side menu but doesn't replace them.

See a compendium example

Use the compendium when your site has:

  • a large number of pages
  • more than 6 top-level topics
  • at least 3 levels.

The compendium shouldn't be used when:

  • content can't be grouped into hierarchical topics
  • a site has a small number of pages, topics or levels
  • you need top-level landing pages with images and marketing content.
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How to set up the compendium

Submit an IT request to have a compendium added to your site.

The first level of the compendium will be set up for you. You will then have to add the second, third and fourth levels by creating compendium pages.

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