Web forms allow you to collect information from your users.

The best platform for your web form will depend on your requirements.

Simple web forms can be created and managed through Checkbox, but more complex projects may require web forms that integrate with other systems.

Simple web forms

Checkbox is UQ's centrally-supported web form tool for gathering information from UQ staff, students, and external respondents.

You can use Checkbox for data collection activities, such as:

  • conducting surveys
  • requesting feedback
  • requesting contact details
  • requesting registrations for events
  • requesting nominations or expressions of interest
  • requesting subscriptions to mailing or registration lists.

All UQ staff have access to Checkbox to create web forms. Guides on how to use Checkbox are also available.

Microsoft Forms is an alternate solution to conduct quick polls and quizzes within Microsoft Teams and with UQ colleagues. If not already signed in, respondents will be prompted to log-in using their UQ credentials.

All UQ staff have access to Microsoft Forms as part of the Microsoft 365 suite.

When sharing forms with UQ staff and students for internal purposes, make sure that you select the 'Only people in my organisation can respond' option in the 'Send and collect responses' section before sharing.

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Integrated web forms

Projects that require web forms that integrate with other systems and have additional functionality, are not suitable for Checkbox. These projects will require different platforms.

Marketing automation forms

Web forms can be used to collect information from users and provide personalised communications through marketing campaigns. Web forms for lead capture and customer engagement can be created using the Eloqua marketing automation tool.

Contact the Office of Marketing and Communications at marketing@uq.edu.au to discuss your requirements.

Enquiry management forms

Web forms for collecting users' details to create enquiries in Oracle Service Cloud CRM.

Submit an IT request to discuss your requirements.

Intelligent Advisor forms

Web forms for collecting structured information to provide on-screen advice, or create enquiries in Oracle Service Cloud CRM.

Request an Intelligent Advisor form (staff login required) to discuss your requirements.

Business process digitisation forms

Web forms used to help automate business processes can be created using UniTask. Generally, these projects are large, and require significant resourcing and planning.

Submit an IT request to discuss your options.

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External web form platforms

We don't recommend using forms created by external providers, such as SurveyGizmo, Typeform or SurveyMonkey. Support for web forms created on external platforms is not available at UQ.

If you choose to use an external web form platform, you’ll need to think about:

If you have concerns about a platform, don’t use it. Submit an IT request to discuss other options.

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