UQ’s digital presence is currently split into 2 channels: the Websites channel and Intranet channel.

Each channel has its own committee.

Websites channel 

This channel comprises all external audience facing websites and applications.

Channel Manager: Senior Websites Channel Manager, Romain Lovisco 

One UQ web roadmap committee 

Chair of committee: CMCO, Kelly Robinson 

The Steering Committee is responsible for supporting the Program Sponsor (CMCO) to meet their responsibilities and includes:  

  • providing advice, direction and acting as an escalation point for the Project Manager 
  • overseeing the application of appropriate project management and quality assurance practices 
  • advising on core program and project management deliverables 
  • advising on the allocation of authorised program and project expenditure 
  • confirming that program tolerances meet specified time, quality and cost parameters and are appropriate and aligned with relevant UQ policies 
  • monitoring program and project delivery milestones and implementation deadlines 
  • monitoring status and quality of key program and project deliverables 
  • reviewing and endorsing project risk mitigation strategies and actions 
  • reviewing and endorsing issue management strategies and actions 
  • managing breaches of project tolerances and initiating appropriate escalation where necessary 
  • advising on changes to project scope, tolerances or timeframes 
  • managing matters escalated to the Program Sponsor (Chair) and Steering Committee by the Project Manager 
  • advocating for (or ‘championing’) the program within their division/portfolio and across UQ 
  • providing ad-hoc assistance where possible.

Web sub-channel committee 

Chair of committee: Director, Marketing and Customer Experience, Jeremy Medina 

Core member responsibilities  

  • Oversee and advise on ongoing web channel improvements  
  • Review and resolve contested and escalated web channel requests  
  • Guide and advise on key decisions for the web channel  
  • Endorse non-funded requirements requiring operational resourcing replanning   
  • Review and endorse web channel standards and principles  
  • Carry out any responsibilities delegated by the One UQ Web Steering Committee (e.g. delegated domain approvals)  
  • Support the smooth operation of the web channel .

Intranet channel  

This channel comprises all internal audience facing websites and applications. 

We're working on a new intranet

UQ is currently developing plans, procedures and governance for intranet as part of the Digital Environment/my.UQ (DEMU) program. We'll publish more information for intranet here as the program continues.


Channel committees do not apply to: 

  • teaching and learning content and activities within a UQ Learning Management System (refer to eLearning policy and procedure)  
  • social media channels, digital advertising, digital signage, newsletters, email direct marketing, automated engagement and communication collateral (these may be included in a future iteration of this procedure)  
  • research activities and outputs that do not provide information and services to UQ stakeholders  
  • IT systems and products that are not used for providing UQ information and services to UQ stakeholders (e.g. work tools). 

Submitting to a channel committee

If you want to raise a matter through a channel committee, they must come from a nominated Digital Presence Coordinator (DPC). Contact your DPC to discuss any updates or requests for new content for UQ’s web presence.

Digital presence coordinators can email questions to digital-governance@uq.edu.au.