Changes to the web process

As part of the One UQ Web Roadmap Program, we'll be making changes to our website procedures. We've put together resources to support you with this change. 

Check how to request a new website to learn more about what you need to do first.

UQ has hundreds of websites, applications and systems.

As an external developer, your code must meet high standards and be compatible with our existing codebase.

Before you start work, you must fully understand the implications of requesting custom web development involving UQ's systems.

The ITS Application Development and Support team is the authority on what is and isn't accepted on UQ websites, especially those built on UQ's Drupal build, UQ Standard.

Application Development and Support can:

Submit an IT request to contact Application Development and Support.

Principles of web development at UQ

In addition to contacting Application Development and Support, keep in mind the principles that govern web development at UQ.

The following can guide you when working with UQ Drupal websites:

Compatibility and flexibility. Everything on a UQ Standard website, including any custom modules and features, is built with the intention that it can be re-used across all UQ Standard sites.

If you have been asked to build custom functionality, keep flexibility and compatibility in mind. This will increase the chances of your code being accepted.

Design for the greater good. UQ is a large organisation with a wide variety of needs. By designing for the greater good, you will make it easy for other developers to:

  • understand your code
  • separate your code from other functions and features
  • design and implement new features continuously without your code impeding progress.

Strict security and limited access. We can't give external developers access to UQ:

  • websites
  • codebase
  • systems.

This means you won't be able to test and deploy your work on UQ servers.

You will have to develop your code as an independent block and then submit it to Application Development and Support for testing and approval.

Any timelines for approval will depend on the availability of Application Development and Support developers.