If you're a UQ staff member, you can submit a request to access shared folders kept on UQ drives.

The instructions below will only work in Google Chrome or Firefox web browsers. To download either Chrome or Firefox, see the self-install software guide.

If you're off campus, you'll need to connect to the VPN before requesting access to a shared folder.

  1. Log in to MS Tools with your UQ account username and password.
  2. Click 'File Serving' and then 'Request Access to a Folder'.
  3. All shared folders connected to your user group will be displayed. Next to each folder is the manager of that folder – this is who will action your request.
  4. Select the lowest-level folders that you require access to.
  5. If the box is already selected, this means you have a pending request or already have access to that folder.
  6. If the box can't be selected, this means the folder does not have a manager assigned or the folder has sub-folders. Select the + icon to expand the list.
  7. Click 'Request Access' at the bottom of the folder list to complete your request.

You will receive a message to confirm your request has been sent to the relevant folder managers.

Once your request has been processed, you will receive an email. When you receive the confirmation email, follow the instructions for connecting to shared folders.

If you're a folder manager and want to request access on someone's behalf, you can manage access to shared folders.

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