Druva inSync is a data protection platform for UQ researchers involved with COVID-19 research projects. 

Druva inSync performs regular, automatic backups of common storage locations on your computer, such as your documents folder and desktop. This ensures your data can be easily recovered if you experience a technical failure or cyber security incident.

Access Druva inSync

If you're a UQ staff member that's involved in COVID-19 research, Druva inSync will be automatically installed on your UQ computer. If it's not installed, you can use the Microsoft Software Centre (Windows) or Self Service (Mac) to self-install the software.

If you use a Linux computer, follow the instructions to install Druva inSync on Linux.

If you use a personal computer for work, follow the instructions to install Druva inSync on your personal device.

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Log in and activate Druva inSync

You don't need to log in and activate Druva inSync if it has been automatically installed on your UQ computer.

If you have self-installed Druva inSync on your UQ computer or personal computer, to log in and activate the software:

  1. Open Druva inSync.
  2. Enter your UQ email address and UQ password.
  3. Sign in with your UQ username and password if the UQ Authenticate screen appears.
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Using Druva inSync

Add other folders to backup

  1. In Druva inSync, select ‘Backup & Restore’.
  2. Click 'Add folder'.
  3. Select the folder you want to back up, then click 'Next'.
  4. Select the files and folders you want to back up, then click 'Add'.

Restore a file or folder

  1. In Druva inSync, select ‘Backup & Restore’.
  2. Click ‘Restore…’
  3. Click the arrow next to the date and time and select the snapshot you want to restore.
  4. Select the file or folder you want to restore, then click ‘Restore’.
  5. Choose the device and location you would like to restore the file or folder to.
  6. Click ‘Confirm Restore’.

A new folder will be created in the location you selected with the restored files or folders inside.

Access files from damaged or lost devices

If you’ve lost access to your device, follow the instructions on the Druva website to log into Druva’s inSync cloud portal and download your files.

Pause backups

You can temporarily pause regular backups of your files to the cloud if you have a limited internet connection or are concerned about computer performance.

  1. In Druva inSync, select ‘Settings’.
  2. Adjust the ‘Pause Duration’ to a time that suits you. You can also select if you want backups to pause if your computer’s battery is below a certain level.

 Find out more about using Druva inSync on Druva's website.

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Data storage

A snapshot of your data is securely backed up to the cloud every 4 hours by default.

Druva inSync data is stored in Australian data centres using the latest security technologies and encryption methods to ensure your data is secure.

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