Parallel teaching allows you to teach to a physical class in a UQ teaching space and on Zoom at the same time.

Before you start, you need to have a scheduled Zoom meeting set up and shared with Zoom participants. 

Room equipment


UQ lecture theatres are equipped with either a webcam positioned above the preview monitor at the lectern, or installed cameras. If required, use the lighting controls on the lecture theatre's AV touch panel to improve the camera image.

Desktop PC

The Desktop PC's display can be shared with Zoom participants, though the PC can also be used to share content from laptops and document cameras connected to the room's AV system.


Sound captured by the lecture theatre's lectern microphone, room microphones, and wireless microphones can be heard both in the lecture theatre and by Zoom participants. People participating via Zoom can be heard over the lecture theatre's speakers.

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Getting started

You can watch a video guide demonstrating the steps for delivering parallel teaching via the Crestron touch panel audiovisual system.

Watch: Parallel teaching using the Crestron touch panel

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Sharing from the Desktop PC

  1. Log in to the Desktop PC.
  2. Open the ‘Start’ menu, type ‘Zoom’, and click 'Zoom' when it appears.
  3. Enter your UQ username and password on the UQ Authenticate screen.
  4. When prompted to switch apps, select ‘Yes’.
  5. In Zoom, join your scheduled meeting.
  6. Hover over the Zoom window and select ‘Share Screen’.
  7. Tick ‘Share computer sound’ and select ‘Share’.

Video and audio from the Desktop PC will now be presented to Zoom participants.

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Sharing from other input sources

These instructions apply to Crestron touch panel audio visual systems.

  1. On the touch panel, ensure that 'PC' is the selected source.
  2. Press 'Share'.

  3. Select the source you wish to share, e.g. laptop, document camera.

  4. On the desktop PC, within the Zoom meeting, select 'Share Screen'. If you are currently sharing the Desktop PC's screen, select 'New Share'.
  5. Select the 'Advanced' tab, select 'Content from 2nd Camera', then select 'Share'.

    Screenshot of a Zoom meeting with the 'Share Screen' button circled. Also shows the buttons 'Advanced', 'Content from 2nd camera' and 'Share' circled.

The selected source will now be shared to the Zoom meeting as a presentation.

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