The Vaccinations and Immunisations Procedures [2.60.08] require staff to be immunised against infections and illnesses that are both:

  • reasonably foreseeable for their role
  • preventable by vaccines.

All UQ staff are advised to complete the National Immunisation Program Schedule as recommended by the Australian Government Department of Health. UQ offers free flu vaccinations for staff each year.

Some UQ roles are higher risk, both for staff in those roles or the people they come into contact with. This includes roles where staff:

  • are exposed to disease as part of their work
  • have contact with patients, children, pregnant people, elderly people or people with compromised immune systems
  • work in Queensland Health, some UQ clinics or other healthcare facilities.

See the Vaccination and Immunisation Guidelines [2.60.08] for immunisation requirements related to particular roles or activities.

Identifying immunisation requirements for recruitment

Specific occupational vaccination and screening requirements should be identified during the recruitment process (e.g. for healthcare roles). Hiring managers or supervisors can include immunisation clauses in recruitment advertising, position descriptions, and offer letters as a condition of employment. Contact your HR Client Services team for further guidance on the recruitment process. For further guidance on immunisation requirements, contact the Occupational Health Nurse Advisor.

Meeting immunisation requirements

All new and existing staff must have an immunisation record if they are required to meet specific immunisation requirements for their role. You may need to meet additional immunisation requirements during your employment at UQ.

For new staff, or existing staff who haven’t yet provided a record, your supervisor will initiate an online immunisation compliance request in my.UQ.

You will be required to upload evidence of immunisation before you commence your role or are exposed to the risk of disease. All medical evidence uploaded to your immunisation record will remain confidential.

Staff in healthcare worker related roles should also complete the Healthcare worker - infectious disease screening and vaccination record (PDF, 739KB) with your GP or the UQ Occupational Physician. This form should also be uploaded to the online immunisation record.

The evidence you provide will be verified by an Occupational Health Nurse Advisor in the Health, Safety and Wellness Division. You and your supervisor will be notified if you have met the requirements.

Higher Degree by Research immunisation requirements

Principal advisors and supervisors of Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students are required to notify students of any immunisation requirements for their research or placements. Refer to the immunisation process for HDR students for more information. 

Initiating immunisation compliance requests

Supervisors are required to initiate online immunisation compliance requests for staff they supervise.

You can initiate a request for a new staff member once their IT profile is created. You should also initiate a request for existing staff members if they haven’t previously provided a record, or if new immunisation requirements need to be met.

The immunisation record system:

  • updates you on your staff members’ compliance status by the due date
  • automates recalls to staff members when a follow-up immunisation or screening is required.

Initiate an immunisation compliance request on my.UQ.

Arranging immunisations for current staff

If payment for immunisations has been approved by your organisational unit you can complete a immunisation referral form. The form must be signed by your supervisor or work health and safety manager/coordinator before payment will be made.

To arrange an immunisation:

  1. Complete a immunisation referral form (PDF, 571KB).
  2. Submit the completed form to the Occupational Health Nurse Advisor.

The Occupational Health Nurse Advisor will communicate with you to establish which immunisations or blood tests are required, and can help you to make any necessary appointments with the UQ Occupational Physician.