The Vaccinations and Immunisations Policy [2.60.08] requires staff to be immunised against infections and illnesses that are both:

  • reasonably foreseeable for their role
  • preventable by vaccines.

Some UQ roles are higher risk, both for staff in those roles or the people they come into contact with. This includes roles where staff:

  • are exposed to disease as part of their work
  • have contact with patients, children, pregnant people, elderly people or people with compromised immune systems
  • work in Queensland Health or other healthcare facilities.

See the Vaccination and Immunisation Guidelines [2.60.08] for immunisation requirements related to particular roles or activities.

Refer staff for vaccination

Vaccination referral forms can be completed by individual staff members or their supervisors. Because there are costs involved, supervisors must be made aware of any referral. Payment is required from your organisational area.

To apply for a work-related vaccination:

  1. Complete a vaccination referral form (PDF, 599KB) If you only require hepatitis B immunisation, complete a hepatitis B vaccination referral form (PDF, 138KB) instead.
  2. Submit the completed form to the Occupational Health Nurse Advisor.

Immunisation records for UQ healthcare workers

Immunisation records ensure UQ staff in healthcare roles and the people they come into contact with are protected as much as possible against the transmission of vaccine-preventable diseases.

To create a record of your immunisation status as required for your healthcare role:

  1. Complete an infectious disease screening and vaccination record (PDF, 739KB).
  2. Submit it to your HR Professional Services team.

Recommended immunisations for all staff

We recommended all UQ staff complete the National Immunisation Program Schedule.

See the Vaccination and Immunisation Guidelines [2.60.08] for information about recommended vaccinations for all staff.

We offer free flu vaccinations for staff each year.