Here's what you can and can't submit under the 'Locks and keys user funded' problem type in ARCHIBUS.


This problem type includes:

  • Ordering high-risk keys
  • Services keys
  • Installation of new locks
  • Changes to lock configuration.

When you create your request, make sure you indicate it is a user-funded request.


This problem type does not include:

Ordering low-risk keys (i.e. master keys and below). Contact your department’s Key Custodian who can place an order directly with our contractor John Barnes and Co. using a PF495 Low Risk Key Order form (PDF, 32KB). If you are not sure who your Key Custodian is, contact PF Assist or the Security Technical Office.

Repairs to existing door locks or keys. Select Locks and keys.

Application to become a Key Custodian. Select Security system custodian applications.

ARCHIBUS Technical Support