All staff can be leaders

Leadership at UQ is about what you do. It’s not about your job title, level or whether you have formal leadership responsibilities.

It’s about how you:

  • engage with others
  • think about your work
  • bring these together to achieve more than you could otherwise.

We aim to develop a leadership culture where all staff are able to demonstrate their leadership and contribute to our accomplishments. Through effective leadership at all levels, we will have a positive, performance-based culture and community.

Leadership is about working together

Leadership is not about an individual. Leadership is a collaborative venture.

Leadership is about the group, team or organisation, and what they are able to accomplish with the encouragement of leaders working together. We aim to develop strong, effective, inclusive and innovative leadership behaviours at all levels throughout the University.

How we support leadership at UQ

  • UQ Leadership Framework identifies the capabilities that are critical to demonstrating leadership at UQ.
  • New to UQ Senior Leaders Program supports senior leaders as they transition to their new leadership role at UQ.
  • UQ Leadership Survey offers leaders an opportunity to gather feedback and increase their effectiveness through a 360-degree survey process designed specifically to support the UQ Leadership Framework.
  • Development programs and resources support UQ leaders at all levels to develop their capabilities.
  • Networks give you opportunities to discuss leadership, develop your knowledge and skills, and foster connections and collaboration.