Leadership is a practice through which individuals use their influence to mobilise people and resources toward a shared goal.

At UQ, we recognise that leaders can be born, but more often they must be made. As an organisation, we strive for a culture of leadership that is collaborative, respectful, and inclusive.

We promote leadership that supports individuals and teams to do their best work in service of our broader UQ community, at all levels throughout the University. 

Leadership development programs

We recognise the need to support leaders in working toward their career progression and development goals. This not only affords our leaders opportunities for growth, but supports our organisation’s goal of attracting and retaining the best and brightest people. 

Our suite of targeted programs offers access to a range of development opportunities, including both theoretical and experiential learning opportunities for leaders at all levels.

Learning to Lead

Designed for aspiring leaders, providing foundational learning to lay the groundwork for those who are preparing to undertake their first leadership role. 

  • Eligibility: Professional staff HEW 4 to 6, and academic staff levels A to B
  • Upcoming sessions: 28 June, 18 July, 23 August, 21 September, 23 October, 21 November
  • EOI submission deadline: Closed

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Leadership in Practice

Targeted toward first time or emerging people leaders, who are building their knowledge and skills, broadening their awareness of self, and enhancing their ability to lead others.

  • Eligibility: Professional staff HEW 6 to 8, and academic staff levels B to D, who currently have people leadership responsibilities
  • Upcoming sessions: 11–12 July, 1–2 August, 11–12 September, 11–12 October
  • EOI submission deadline: Closed

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Leading UQ

Our flagship program, Leading UQ, is designed for experienced leaders who are consolidating their approach to leadership, challenging their perspective, expanding their self-awareness, and optimising their leadership practice.

  • Eligibility: Professional staff HEW 9 to 10, and academic staff level D and E, who have portfolio leadership responsibilities
  • Upcoming sessions:

Cohort 1:

  1. Session 1, 27–28 June
  2. Session 2, 21–22 August
  3. Session 3, 11–12 September

Cohort 2:

  1. Session 1, 29–30 June
  2. Session 2, 24–25 August
  3. Session 3, 14–15 September

Participants are expected to attend sessions 1 through 3 for their nominated cohort.

  • EOI submission deadline: Closed

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Manager's Toolkit

A range of online learning programs for new managers or those looking to refresh their knowledge. Programs are designed to provide practical, knowledge and process-based learning across a range of key operational areas.

  • Eligibility: New-to-UQ managers at all levels
  • Upcoming sessions: Available on demand

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Leadership Resources

A carefully curated list of optional online courses, articles, and videos designed for leaders at all levels, to uplift leadership knowledge and skills across the seven capabilities in our UQ Leadership Framework.

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Programs in development

Following the first release of leadership programs within the suite, a number of additional offerings that are currently under development will launched, including:

  • Heads Up: A series of targeted, co-created learning opportunities for Heads and Deputy Heads of School, Institute Directors and Deputy Directors.
  • Executive Development: A bespoke, one-to-one development opportunity for executive staff

The UQ Leadership Framework

Our approach to developing and supporting leaders is outlined in the UQ Leadership Framework. This framework articulates the capabilities expected of all leaders at UQ, and demonstrates our commitment to supporting leaders at all levels, from aspiring through to Executive.

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The UQ Leadership Framework, including the seven key capabilities expected all leaders at all levels, emerging to executive.