We encourage UQ staff to identify skills and development needs and undertake development opportunities with the help of your supervisor. 

Deciding what to learn

To work out the best approach for your personal professional development:

  • Work out what skills and knowledge you need to perform to a high standard in your current role and the next step in your career. Consider not only what you want to do, but also what is changing in your field or your environment.
  • Work out what your strengths and development needs (weaknesses) are, and how you may want to use your strengths or address development needs.
  • Have regular discussions with your supervisor throughout the year about your job, your skills and your development needs.

If you would like more feedback, ask your supervisor.

Identifying how to learn

Once you have a range of skills and knowledge you are interested in developing, you can narrow down what to start with.

  • Choose no more than 3 areas to focus on improving.
  • Work out what method of learning will suit you best. Take into account the type of knowledge or skills you want to learn, as well as your own preferences and time or resource constraints.
  • Plan to undertake development at a time that will enable you to start using the new information or skills as soon as possible.

Planning with your supervisor

If you haven't already, talk with your supervisor about what development activity you would like to do and why. Let them know what support you will need from them, whether it's help finding a mentor, funding or time off to attend a course, or feedback on your new skills.

What to do next

Once you have outlined a plan for your professional development and discussed it with your supervisor, find the most suitable option for you by: