Staff and their family members can access up to 6 sessions of free and confidential counselling through the Employee Assist Program (EAP), provided by Davidson Trahaire Corpsych.

Make an appointment

Call 1300 360 364 to make an appointment.

If you are not able to attend an appointment, please call and cancel. Cancellations less than 24 hours before your appointment will count as one of your free sessions.

Services available


employeeAssist provides confidential counselling, coaching and support for staff and their family members for a range of work and life issues, including:

  • relationships and family
  • conflict resolution
  • drug and alcohol
  • stress
  • communication
  • grief and loss
  • self-esteem and confidence.

You can choose to have the counselling:

  • face-to-face at one of the EAP’s offices
  • over the phone
  • online using eapdirect.

employeeAssist is a structured, short term, solution-focused approach. EAP counsellors may refer you back to your general practitioner (GP), if they believe you need clinical intervention or long-term support.

All information disclosed to Employee Assist counsellors is confidential. No reports are given to supervisors, managers or Human Resources without your consent.

Online resources: eapdirect

The eapdirect online service provides regularly updated resources on health, family, work, financial counselling, and legal topics.

To access the EAP online service, you need to register using the generic UQ password. Then you will be asked to create your own personalised login. These details are not forwarded to UQ.

See the eapdirect login details (staff login required).

Manager and supervisor support

The managerAssist program is designed to provide supervisors and managers with support, resources and techniques that can assist you in dealing with people issues that present on a regular basis.

The service provides:

  • a sounding board
  • coaching on specific issues
  • direct advice on people management issues, such as performance, conflict, communication, and individual or team behaviour.

Counsellors provide support and information on a wide range of topics relating to mental illness and how to support a staff member who is becoming unwell.


You can speak to an accredited dietitian, who can help with a wide range of diet-related services, including:

  • weight management
  • meal planning
  • eating disorders
  • allergies
  • other dietary concerns.

The dietitian service is available only over the phone.

Financial counselling

moneyAssist provides confidential counselling, coaching and assistance to achieve enhanced financial wellbeing.

This service is only available over the phone.