Staff collaboration enhances corporate knowledge

Collaboration among staff from across the University has led to significant improvements in the way UQ manages its knowledge.

Driven by the Record Keeping Improvement Project (RKIP), most business units were engaged in the development of systems and processes to better manage the University’s records.

The project created a secure, collaborative, centralised records management system by reinvigorating and expanding the use of a system UQ already had called TRIM, or HPE Content Manager, while supporting individual business requirements and integrating with existing systems.

In the past year, TRIM has experienced a 142% increase in users, 100% increase in the creation of records and a 450% increase in records being modified and updated in this system.

This was a real team effort across the University involving staff across multiple disciplines as well as the University Senior Management Group (USMG) Executive Assistants Group, Record Keeping Focus Group and Governance Community of Practice.

RKIP was established almost two years ago to drive UQ’s ongoing commitment to a consistent, collaborative, sustainable and adaptable model for keeping records, as well as to strengthen UQ’s compliance with the Public Records Act 2002.

For more information about TRIM or records management, contact Records Management and Advisory Services (RMAS) at