5. Resources

Staff may require more information or assistance in identifying registrable activities. If you're unsure how to identify, disclose or manage any registrable activities, you can talk to:

  • Your supervisor or manager

For general queries regarding disclosure and management of interests:

For general queries regarding conflicts of interest (COIs):

For COIs and secondary employment:

For queries about COIs related to research:

For information about research practice, including principles, advice, concerns, and training:

For advice about export controls, sanctions and sensitive research:

For more information regarding staff disclosures related policy, visit the following:


Disclosure and management of interests - who needs to register?

UQ has created an integrated framework regarding the disclosure and management of interests, which simplifies and clarifies policies and procedures to ensure ethical and legal compliance.        

All fixed-term and continuing staff members are required to complete the Conflict of Interest Register. Casual, unpaid and honorary staff who have a conflict of interest to declare are required to complete the Conflict of Interest form and submit to your supervisor in your organisational unit. Note that this form is different to the Conflict of Interest Register.

All professional staff (HEW 8 level and above) are required to complete the Secondary Employment Register.

All academic staff (continuing and fixed-term contracts of 12 months or longer; conjoint appointments where UQ is the lead employer) are required to complete the:

These registers must be completed annually, even if there is no item to disclose, and when circumstances change.