What is the our people page?

The 'Our people' page displays staff profiles grouped by the 'teams' they belong to. This page has the url of https://yoursite.uq.edu.au/our-people

The default order of teams on an 'Our people' page is based on when they were created. Site coordinators can change the order of teams, if required.

An 'Our people' page is separate to a Contact page, which shows all staff in alphabetical order. An 'Our people' page lets you show all teams or staff groups in your department.

See an 'Our people' page

Use an 'Our people' page to show:

  • every team in your department
  • team members.
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How to enable the our people page

'Our people' pages can be requested by:

  • site coordinators
  • site builders.

Submit an IT request to have the 'Our people' page added to your site.

Once an 'Our people' page is switched on for your site, it will work automatically with the 'Team' content type – you don't have to do anything other than add the 'Our people' page to your main menu and change the order of teams, if you would like to.

Ordering teams

Site coordinators can rearrange the order that teams appear in on an 'Our people' page.

Once you log in to your website:

  1. Hover over the Drupal 'Structure' menu and go to 'Entity queues'.
  2. Locate the 'Team' row and click 'edit items'.
  3. Add all of your teams to the list.
  4. Drag teams into the desired order by using the four-point icon to the left of the team name.

If a team isn't listed in the queue, it will appear at the bottom of the 'Our people' page.

Ordering people within teams

For instructions on reordering people within teams, see our guide on the 'Team' content type.

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Best practice

  • Regularly update and review person profiles.
  • Manually delete profiles from a team page when someone leaves UQ or your department. This will automatically update the 'Our people' page.
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