What is a news listing page?

A 'News' listing page is an automatic feed of articles that have been published on your website. This page has the URL of https://yoursite.uq.edu.au/news

For each article, the news listing page shows a teaser display, which includes a:

  • title (linked to the story)
  • publication date
  • summary
  • teaser image.

The news listing page can show up to 20 stories at a time – links to additional pages are included at the bottom of the page to allow users to access older stories.

There can be a short delay for new stories appearing or unpublished stories disappearing from the news listing page due to page caching.

See an example news listing page

Use a news listing page when you want to:

  • display all articles in one place
  • show all news publications in date order.
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How to enable the news listing page

The pre-made news listing page can be requested by:

  • site coordinators
  • site builders.

Submit an IT request to have the news page added to your site.

Once a news page is switched on for your site, it will work automatically – you don't have to do anything other than re-order the link in your main menu.

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Best practice

  • If you need multiple news pages organised by topic, you can manually create separate panel pages and then tag stories on each relevant page.
  • Add general media contact details to the right column of your page.
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