What is the Facebook feed component?

The Facebook feed component allows you to embed a Facebook timeline on a web page.

Use a Facebook feed when:

  • you have a Facebook page managed by your organisational unit
  • you want to display relevant Facebook timelines on your page.

A Facebook feed shouldn't be used when:

  • you don't have specific Facebook accounts or timelines to link to
  • are not resourced to monitor and manage enquiries through a Facebook account.
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How to add a Facebook feed

To enable this component, submit an IT request.

Once enabled, Facebook feeds can be added by:

  • site builders.

Facebook feed panels can be added to a page like any other component, however, a suggested layout is to use a 2 column mini panel. This layout allows you to insert a Facebook feed in one column and a Twitter feed or article list in the other.

To add a Facebook feed to a mini panel:

  1. Follow the steps to create a mini panel.
  2. In the black Drupal menu, select 'Structure' > 'Mini panels'.
  3. Find your mini panel in the list and select 'Edit'.
  4. The 'Settings' screen will open. Click 'Content' to add the component.
  5. In the section where you want to add the component, click the edit cog and select 'Add content'.
  6. Choose 'Facebook' from the left-hand menu and then select 'Facebook Pane'.
  7. Enter your Facebook page title and URL in the required fields.
  8. Select 'Finish' > 'Save'.

The Facebook feed component can also be added to a page without using a mini panel.

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Best practice

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Complete all required fields and as many optional fields as possible to provide the best user experience.

Field name

Required field?


Facebook Page Title


Enter the title of your Facebook page. Used to display a link to your Facebook page if the feed doesn't load.

Facebook Page URL


Enter URL of the Facebook page.



Changes the width of the component. Enter the width in pixels.



Changes the height of the component. Enter the height in pixels.

Hide Cover Photo


Tick this box to hide the cover photo in the feed.

Show Friend's Faces


This is an out-of-date feature. It no longer works.

Hide Call To Action


Tick this box to hide the custom call to action button (if available).

Use Small Header


Tick this box to use a header with a smaller height.

Adapt to plugin container width


Tick this box to fit the Facebook window within the container width. On some devices, the feed will fill the entire width of the screen.

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