On UQ Standard websites, any drafts and all published versions of a node page are stored as 'revisions'.

Drupal stores a history of previous revisions for each node page. This revision history lists the date and time each revision was saved, who made the revision and any notes the author left.

Up to 100 previous revisions of a page can be stored. Once a page has reached 100 revisions, older revisions will be deleted.

Accessing revisions

To access a page's revision history, log in to Drupal and select the 'Moderate' tab on the page. The current published revision will be highlighted green. If the page has an active unpublished draft, it will be highlighted red.

Changing revisions

If you're editing a node page and you accidentally make an unwanted change, you can switch back to an earlier version of the page by changing revisions.

Before changing revisions, check if the page has an active unpublished draft. If so, check with the author of the draft before making any changes.

Once you've logged in to Drupal, to change revisions on a page:

  1. Select the 'Moderate' tab.
  2. Find a previous revision in the revision history.
  3. Select 'View' to view the revision.
  4. Check the revision and select the 'Moderate' tab again.
  5. Select 'Revert'. This will change this revision to the published revision, or to the current unpublished draft of the page if workflow moderation is used on your site.

If workflow moderation is used on your site, changing revisions doesn't change the published page. Once you've changed revisions, you'll need to go through the normal publication process to publish the page.

Comparing revisions

You can also compare two revisions of a node page side-by-side. Once you've logged in to Drupal, to compare revisions of a page:

  1. Select the 'Moderate' tab.
  2. Select the 'Compare revisions' button.
  3. Select two revisions that you want to compare.
  4. Select the 'Compare' button.

Both revisions will appear side-by-side in HTML with any changes highlighted. Select 'Marked down' to review the revisions without the code.