The moderation process ensures page content is checked by the appropriate users before it's published.

Some UQ Standard websites let site editors publish pages without moderation. Other sites, such as our central websites, have different editing permissions for different user roles – these sites use a moderation process to allow users to create drafts and check content before it's published.

The moderation process is managed using Drupal's 'UQ Moderation' module. Moderation only applies to node pages and is not available for panel pages or files.

The moderation process

For sites using moderation, content progresses through a review process to users in different Drupal roles:

  1. Editors edit the page by creating a draft and then set the page status to 'Needs Review'.
  2. Reviewers (optional role) review edits and set the page status to 'Ready to Publish'. Reviewers then email their site coordinator to let them know that the page is ready for publication.
  3. Site coordinators change the status of the page to 'Published'. Once published, the changes become available to the public.

For sites without the reviewer role, draft content progresses from the editor directly to the site coordinator.

For sites without moderation, editors can publish their own content.

Creating drafts

For sites using moderation, when editors create and save a node page without publishing it, a draft page is created.

Before creating a new draft, contact your site coordinator to advise them of your plans and deadlines.

Both drafts and all published versions of a page are stored as 'revisions'. When moderating content you can review and change revisions, if required.

Email notifications

Your site may have email notifications turned on – this allows you to send an automated email to someone to tell them a page is ready for their review.

To send an email notification:

  1. Go to 'Publishing options' at the bottom of the page you're editing.
  2. Change your moderation state to ‘Needs Review’ or ‘Approved to Publish’.
  3. In the ‘Who would you like to notify about this update?’ field, choose one or more people to notify by pressing Ctrl on your keyboard and selecting their names.
  4. Leave a moderation note under ‘Want to say something about this update?’
  5. Select ‘Save.’

For sites without email notifications, you'll need to email your site reviewer or site coordinator to notify them of your updates. Your site coordinator should let you know when your page has been published.