UQ's current web publishing model seeks to consolidate web content and create as few new websites as possible.

Before you request a new site

Before requesting a new UQ website, check if your content can slot into an existing site. To discuss adding your content to an existing site, contact either the:

If you have found a website that would suit your content, but the site is old or needs redevelopment, submit an IT request to discuss your options. You will still need to get approval from the site owner, if possible.

If you don't think any existing site meets your needs, you can request a new website.

Requesting a new website

To request a new website, you have to contact an ITS web coordinator. Submit an IT request and outline who you are and the problem you’re trying to solve.

You will need to justify your need for a new website. This includes considering any:

  • business case
  • funding and resourcing for the initial website build and ongoing updates and maintenance
  • departmental approval
  • branding (all new sites use the same template)
  • custom requirements.

The web coordinator will consider your request and can help you find a solution.

New custom websites

All new UQ websites are built on a version of Drupal called 'UQ Standard', which uses approved branding and designs.

If you need a website with a unique look and feel, or want to use a system other than Drupal, you will need to:

  • write a business case justifying the use of a non-Drupal system, and
  • budget for external developers to build the website.

Submit an IT request to discuss your needs. When considering the costs of a new custom website, make sure you budget for the lifespan of the site. You may also have to pay for web hosting.

Timeframes for delivery

Websites take time to scope, design, build, test and deploy. Requests for new UQ websites also need to fit in with existing project timelines that are set the previous year.

An ITS web coordinator can provide you with an estimate of deadlines and delivery dates for UQ Standard websites. Timeframes for any custom websites will depend on the external agency building it.